4400 Seasons 1 to 4 Complete Collection DVD

4400 Seasons 1 to 4 Complete Collection DVD
Over the last century, thousands of people have gone missing. Suddenly, 4400 of them are returned all at once in a blinding explosion. Unclear about what this event means, the government investigates the 4400 to piece together where they've been. But then slowly the 4400 begin to manifest strange powers, and it becomes clear that they are going to change the human race... forever! Now relive every moment - from its powerful premiere to its haunting conclusion - in this exclusive 15-disc DVD collector's set. The 4400: The Complete Series includes all four extraordinary seasons of the unprecedented sci-fi drama that has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide!

Season One
What appears to be a comet explodes into white light before striking Earth, leaving behind 4400 missing persons – who haven't aged a day since their disappearances over the last 50 years. Homeland Security agents Tom and Diana struggle to find an explanation.

The New & Improved Carl Morrisey
A 4400 member uses his newfound powers to fight crime as a vigilant – shocking results. Richard and Lily decide to live together, and Shawn and Nikki grow closer, too. Meanwhile Diana takes pity on 8-year-old pre-cog Maia and invites her to move in.

An old serial-killer case heats up when the murders resume, with too many suspects-is a 4400 member to blame? Group leader Jordan Collier exerts an unearthy control over his colleagues, making Richard suspicious. Tom asks for Shawn's help in healing a deathly ill Kyle.

Trial By Fire
A sensationalist reporter spreads secret information about the 4400, causing a series of brutal firebombings. Immediately, Collier races to create a sanctuary for his fellow returnees. Tom and Diana find themselves suddenly acting as parents to the needy Kyle and Maia.

White Light
Collier reveals his true motives, causing Richard and Lily to turn their backs on him. When Nikki is forced to confess to her sins, Shawn decides to leave home. Tom and Diana break Kyle out government custody-and discover the unbelievable truth behind the 4400.

Season Two
Wake-Up Call (Part 1 and Part 2)
It's been a year since the 4400s have returned. NTAC agent Diana Skouris formally adopts Maia and gets Tom Baldwin back as her partner. They investigate a 4400 who is influencing the patients of a psychiatric hospital to build a communication device. Jordan Collier becomes Shawn's guardian and opens “The 4400 Centre,” a place for non-members to discover ”the 4400 within themselves.” Meanwhile, Richard, Lily and baby Isabelle have to flee their home.

Voices Carry
NTAC offers to help a baseball player who can hear everyone's thoughts, but only if he'll spy on Jordan at the 4400 Centre. Kyle makes a friend at school, Diana's sister April arrives, and Richard grows increasingly disturbed by his daughter.

Weight Of The World
A 4400 who can help others lose weight puts his ability up for sale, with a disastrous results. Jordan takes an interest in a pop diva who visits the Centre. And Richard and Lily find a seemingly idyllis spot with a fellow 4400.

Suffer The Children
A 4400 teacher angers parents with her strange ability to inspire students. Richard is stopped by the police, but then—with Lily and the baby — is reunited with Jordan. And Shawn reveals his healing to Liv, a homeless girl.

As Fate Would Have It
At a reunion of all the 4400s at the Centre, Maia's premonition threatens the fate of Jordan Collier. And Kyle's blackouts continue... with terrifying consequences beyond his control.

Life Interrupted
At NTAC one morning, Tom finds that no one has ever heard of the 4400. But then a woman claiming to be his "wife" says she is one of them, and Tom discovers a mysterious lab that holds the key to what really happened.

Tom and Diana investigate a female 4400 whose powers could wipe out humanity with a plague. Shawn gets some much needed help from Matthew Ross. And a sketch of Jordan's killer is distributed.

A 4400 with the ability to repair damaged chromosomes hides a shocking past. And while Richard seeks out a tormenter among his Korean War buddies, Shawn reconnects with his family and tries to help Kyle.

As NTAC follows a series of clues leading them to Jordan's killer, Tom searches for his son... and Maia cautions her mother. At the 4400 Centre, Shawn introduces Danny to ex-addict Liv and later regrets it.

A 4400 terrorist releases a signal at NTAC that makes the men violent, forcing a lockdown of the facility. Lily questions how the Centre is handling her daughter, and Shawn tries to recruit a familiar face.

The Fifth Page
When 4400s around the world come down with life-threatening illnesses, Ryland comes back to NTAC and orders the sick -- and even unaffected 4400s -- to be quarantined. Tom and Diana race to find a cure and discover a shocking secret in the process.

Mommy's Bosses
Discovering that NTAC is behind the disease plaguing the 4400s, Tom and Diana try to get to the bottom of NTAC's cover-up, while Kyle considers turning himself in.

Season Three
The New World (Parts 1 and 2) - Richard must contend with profound changes in both his wife and daughter, while Tom and Diana tracks down a radical 4400 organization called the Nova Group.

Being Tom Baldwin
It’s an ordinary morning for Tom Baldwin, that is until the NTAC shows up to arrest him for a crime he can’t remember committing. Is Tom losing his grip on reality, or is someone setting him up?

Gone (Part 1)
Tom and Diana race to find a kidnapper targeting 4400 children as Shawn learns that a mistake from his past could have deadly consequences.

Gone (Part 2)
Tom and Diana go to desperate extremes to find a mysterious kidnapper who is targeting 4400 children. Elsewhere, the Nova group contacts The Center and offers to remove the bounty on Shawn’s head in exchange for a meeting with Richard.

Graduation day
The Nova Group launches an attack against Shawn causing Isabelle to seek retribution.

The Home Front
Dennis Ryland and the NTAC track down the last remaining members of the Nova Group. Meanwhile, Nikki pays Shawn a visit.

Tom and Diana literally come face to face with their pasts when they are dosed with a drug created by a 4400.

The Ballad Of Kevin And Tess
Kevin Burkhoff is forced to go on the run in order to protect his promicin research.

The Starzl Mutation
Tom and Diana’s investigation into a series of bizarre and grisly murders leads to them uncovering a shocking conspiracy.

The Gospel According To Collier
A sighting of Jordan Collier, thought to be dead, leads to a manhunt.

Terrible Swift Sword
Nova Group members that were in the custody of the NTAC escape from jail with outside help from Jordan Collier.

Tom and Diana continue their investigation on Jordan Collier’s plan for mankind. Dennis Ryland rejoins the NTAC. Isabelle prepares for battle.

Season Four
The Wrath Of Graham
A high school student develops the ability to make people worship him like a god after taking promicin. Now it's up to NTAC's new director, Meghan Doyle, to bring him back down to earth.

Fear Itself
People's phobias are coming to life and Tom and Diana race to find the person responsible. Cassie, Kyle's mysterious new friend, shows him a book containing a prophecy about Jordan Collier.

Audrey Parker's Come And Gone
After taking promicin, Audrey Parker develops the ability to astral project. But her projection is stranded in limbo after she is murdered. To catch her killer she must somehow contact Tom and Diana.

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth
April takes promicin and develops a powerful ability that puts her life in danger. Now it's up to her sister, Diana, to save her.

Try The Pie
Jordan Collier and his followers are discovered in a small town, and Tom must somehow stop his son, Kyle, from joining the charismatic leader's movement.

The Marked
Specializing in making movies about famous conspiracies, Curtis Peck is a 4400 filmmaker who discovers a conspiracy that threatens the world. Now he is forced to go on the run.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem
By settling in the heart of Seattle, Jordan Collier's movement takes a significant step forward. Meanwhile, when Maia goes missing, Diana panics.

No Exit
Waking up trapped inside NTAC without any recollection of what put them there, Tom, Diana, Jordan and several others must put aside their differences and work together in order to find a way out.

Daddy's Little Girl
There's a happy reunion in Promise City when Richard pays a surprise visit to his daughter Isabelle. But things take a turn for the worse when he kidnaps her.

One Of Us
Richard and Isabelle are pursued by NTAC. Elsewhere, a test is developed that determines if people can be killed by promicin.

Ghost In The Machine
A suspected member of The Marked owns a software company that's attacked by a computer virus. After visiting Promise City, Maia is given an unexpected birthday gift.

Tiny Machines
A small band of promicin positives are recruited by Shawn to free Kevin from Promise City. After a heated face-off with Tom, Diana is forced to take drastic action.

The Great Leap Forward
It is discovered that Danny Farrell's ability to spread promicin has not only caused his mother's death
but the deaths of hundreds of others.

Special Features
Video Introduction By Series Creator Scott Peters, Pilot Episode, Audio Commentary (by Scott Peters & Joel Gretsch), The 4400: The Ghost Season, Promicin: The Moral Choice, Viral Grassroots, Political, Show Specific, Deleted Scenes - Seasons 1, 2 & 3
Aspect Ratio1.78:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital
Case TypeBoxset Digi-Stack
CastSamantha Ferris, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Karina Lombard, Laura Allen, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jenni Baird, Joel Gretsch, Mahershalalhash Ali, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Brooke Nevin, Chad Faust, Conchita Campbell, Patrick Flueger, Peter Coyote, Bill Campbell
DirectorNick Copus, Morgan Beggs, Leslie Libman, Tim Hunter, Helen Shaver, Douglas Petrie, Fred Toye, Tony Westman, John Behring, Yves Simoneau, Ernest R Dickerson, Craig Ross Jr, Aaron Lipstadt, David Straiton, Colin Bucksey, Milan Cheylov, Oz Scott, Vincent Misiano, Nick Gomez, Michael W Watkins, Scott Peters, Allison Liddi-Brown
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time1854
Special Features

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