A Serious Man / The Big Lebowski / Burn After Reading / The Hudsucker Proxy / Barton Fink / Intolerable Cruelty DVD

A Serious Man / The Big Lebowski / Burn After Reading / The Hudsucker Proxy / Barton Fink / Intolerable Cruelty DVD
A Serious Man / The Big Lebowski / Burn After Reading / The Hudsucker Proxy / Barton Fink / Intolerable Cruelty DVD A Serious Man / The Big Lebowski / Burn After Reading / The Hudsucker Proxy / Barton Fink / Intolerable Cruelty DVD
Academy Award Winners Joel and Ethan Coen have been writing, directing, editing and producing some of the most original films to come out of Hollywood. This box set contains six of their most unique and imaginative classics, including their most recent hit, A Serious Man. Re-visit characters like The Dude (Jeff Bridges - The Big Lebowski) and Linda and Chad (Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt - Burn After Reading) as they are swept up in comedy thrillers of extortion and embezzlement. Follow the sinister tales of corruption and deceit in The Hudsucker Proxy and Barton Fink. And join George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones as they star opposite one another in a hilarious battle of the sexes, filled with underhand tactics, deception and undeniable attraction in Intolerable Cruelty. This endlessly entertaining collection of the worldwide critically acclaimed Coen Brothers masterpieces is brilliantly clever, containing a multitude of stars, this box set is smart, funny and inspired.

A Serious Man:
Academy Award-winning directors Joel and Ethan Coen return to their comedy roots with this original and darkly humorous story about one ordinary man’s quest to become a serious man. Physics professor Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) can’t believe his life: His wife is leaving him for his best friend. His unemployed brother won’t move off the couch. Someone is threatening his career. His kids are a mystery and his neighbour is tormenting him by sunbathing nude. Struggling to make sense of it all, Larry consults three different rabbis and their answers lead him on a twisted journey of faith, family, delinquent behaviour and mortality in the film critics rave is “seriously awesome!” (Michael Hogan, Vanity Fair).

The Big Lebowski:
From the Academy Award-winning Coen brothers (Fargo, True Grit), The Big Lebowski is a hilariously quirky comedy about bowling a severed toe, White Russians and a guy named... The Dude. Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski doesn't want any drama in his life... heck, he can't even be bothered with a job. But, he must embark on a quest with his bowling buddies after his rug is destroyed in a twisted case of mistaken identity.

Burn After Reading:
An all-star cast, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and John Malkovich, come together in this outrageous spy comedy about murder, blackmail, sex addiction and physical fitness! When a disc filled with some of the CIA's most irrelevant secrets gets in the hands of two determined, but dim-witted, gym employees, the duo are intent on exploiting their find. But since blackmail is a trade better left for the experts, events soon spiral out of everyone's and anyone's control, resulting in a non-stop series of hilarious encounters! From Joel and Ethan Coen, the Academy Award winning directors of No Country For Old Men and The Big Lebowski, comes this brilliantly clever and endlessly entertaining movie that critics are calling smart, funny, and original.

The Hudsucker Proxy:
Hudsucker Industries is flourishing. Profits are stupendous, and stock is at an all-time high. So when their founder, Waring Hudsucker, leaps to his death from the 44th floor, his board of directors is thrown into panic. Hudsucker has not left a will, and his majority shareholding in the company must therefore soon be offered for sale to the public. But scheming Vice President Sidney J. Mussburger has a plan. He'll install a complete imbecile as Chairman and devalue the stock to a level where the rest of the board can acquire controlling interests for themselves.

Barton Fink:
New York, 1941. Socially conscious scriptwriter Barton Fink (John Turturro) has made it big on Broadway. Now Tinsel Town is taking notice. Hired by Hollywood to write a wrestling picture, Barton quits the city smog for movie stardom. L.A. has got the Barton Fink feeling. Barton Fink has got writer's block. Enlisting the help of able assistant Audrey (Judy Davis) and amiable neighbour Charlie Meadows (John Goodman), Fink finds the real-life inspiration he seeks comes from the most sinister of sources. From master movie makers the Coen brothers (Blood Simple, No Country For Old Men) comes the unanimously acclaimed Barton Fink. The biting, offbeat comedy story of Hollywood heartache, faceless movie moguls and headless corpses.

Intolerable Cruelty:
From Academy Award winners Joel and Ethan Coen, comes this outrageously funny comedy about a man who wins in court, and a woman who courts to win. Top divorce attorney Miles Massey (George Clooney - Ocean's Eleven & Solaris). Serial gold-digger Marilyn Rexroth (Catherine Zeta-Jones - Chicago & Traffic) wants it all. When Miles falls for the unobtainable Marilyn, a hilarious battle of deceit ensues, with each one trying to outsmart the other. Underhand tactics, deceptions and an undeniable attraction escalate as Marilyn and Miles square off in this classic battle of the sexes.
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CastJohn Goodman,John Mahoney,John Malkovich,John Turturro,Jon Polito,Judy Davis,Julia Duffy,Julianne Moore,Katherine Borowitz,Kevin Sussman,Edward Herrmann,Frances McDormand,Fred Melamed,Fyvush Finkel,Geoffrey Rush,George Clooney,Olek Krupa,Patrick Cranshaw,Paul Adelstein,Paul Newman,Peter Gallagher,Peter Stormare,Philip Moon,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Richard Gant,Richard Jenkins,Richard Kind,Mark Pellegrino,Marshall Manesh,Michael Countryman,Michael Lerner,Mike Gomez,Aaron Wolff,Bill Cobbs,Billy Bob Thornton,Brad Pitt,Harry Bugin,Jeff Bridges,Jennifer Jason Leigh,Jessica McManus,Jim True-Frost,JK Simmons,Joe Grifasi,Bruce Campbell,Catherine Zeta-Jones,Cedric The Entertainer,Charles Durning,Christopher Murney,David Huddleston,David Rasche,David Thewlis,David Warrilow,Tilda Swinton,Tim Robbins,Tony Shalhoub,Torsten Voges,William Cobbs,Roy Brocksmith,Sari Lennick,Simon Helberg,Stacy Travis,Steve Buscemi,Tara Reid
DirectorJoel Coen,Ethan Coen
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
RegionDVD 5
RegionDVD 4
Run Time618

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