Bleach - Complete Series 8 DVD

Bleach - Complete Series 8 DVD
Episodes 152-167:
The Battle between Ichigo and Dordoni the Arrancar, continues. Ichigo underestimated his strength and is quickly driven into a corner. in the depths of Las Naches, Rukia encounters Espada Number Nine, Aaroniero Arruruerie, who removes his mask to reveal a very familiar face. Could he really be former Squad Three Lieutenant Kaien Shiba? Chad faces the Privaron Espada Gantenbainne and survives many of his fierce attacks only to be defeated by a sudden single strike from Nnoitra.

Special Features
Production Artwork, Textless Closing, Trailers
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Audio English Stereo 2.0, English 5.1, Japanese Stereo 2.0, Japanese 5.1
Case Type Amaray Special
Cast Wendee Lee,Michelle Ruff,Tricia Pierce,Keith Silverstein,Kirk Thornton,Kyle Hebert,Jamieson Price,Johnny Yong Bosch,Colleen O'Shaughnessey,Dave Mallow,Hank Matthews,Bob Johnson
Colour Colour
Director Noriyuki Abe
Discs 4
Format DVD
HOH (Hard of Hearing) No
Language Japanese
Language English
Region 2
Released 2012-10-29
Run Time 377
Special Features
Subtitles English
Year 2007

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