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Blood Creek Blu-Ray

In 1936, the Wollners, a German family living in Town Creek, West Virginia, are contacted by the Thi..

Ex Tax: £6.50

Blood Diner Blu-Ray

Grab a table at the Blood Diner - a cut above the rest! The Tutman Brothers run the most popular res..

Ex Tax: £13.50

Blood Feast Blu-Ray + DVD

The filmography of late movie maverick Herschell Gordon Lewis brims with the mad, macabre, and just ..

Ex Tax: £9.67

Blood From The Mummys Tomb Blu-Ray + DVD

Margaret (Valerie Leon) suffers a recurring nightmare in which she sees an ancient Egyptian queen, t..

Ex Tax: £13.50

Blood On Satans Claw Blu-Ray

Set in a remote village in 17th Century England, farm labourer Ralph Gower (Barry Andrews) accidenta..

Ex Tax: £16.08

Blood Rage Blu-Ray

What do you get if you combine Thanksgiving, American TV star Louise Lasser (Mary Hartman, Mary Hart..

Ex Tax: £9.25

Blood Sucking Freaks Blu-Ray

Never before released in the UK, Bloodsucking Freaks has earned a world-wide reputation as being a f..

Ex Tax: £7.75
Bloodsucking Pharoahs In Pittsburgh Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Bloodsucking Pharoahs In Pittsburgh Blu-Ray

In the same satirical spirit as Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) or Student Bodies (1981), comes 19..

Ex Tax: £10.17

Bloody Birthday Blu-Ray

Get ready for the rarely seen slasher classic from the 80s that may also be the most disturbing kill..

Ex Tax: £7.75

Bloody Moon Blu-Ray

As the 'body count' genre stabbed its way into audiences' hearts in the early '80s, EuroTrash auteur..

Ex Tax: £10.92

Body Puzzle Blu-Ray

Demons director Lamberto Bava continued to craft a few high profile plasma-spillers even after the g..

Ex Tax: £7.75

Brain Damage - Limited Edition Blu-Ray + DVD

From Frank Henenlotter, the man behind such cult horror favourites as Basket Case and Frankenhooker,..

Ex Tax: £16.08

Bruce Campbell vs Army Of Darkness Blu-Ray

Spawned from the warped imagination of celebrated film maker Sam Raimi and starring cultural icon/B-..

Ex Tax: £8.58

Burke & Hare Blu-Ray

Vernon Sewell (The Blood Beast Terror) directs this Hammeresque horror on the early days of anatomy,..

Ex Tax: £5.83

Burnt Offerings Blu-Ray + DVD

When a college lecturer Ben Rolf (Oliver Reed, The Brood, The Devils) and his family rent a remote c..

Ex Tax: £10.33

Cabin Fever - Directors Cut Blu-Ray

There's killer in the woods... one you can't hear... one you can't see... one you can't escape. Fres..

Ex Tax: £8.58

Cabin Fever 3 - Patient Zero Blu-Ray

A bachelor party cruise ship unexpectedly runs ashore on a medical research island and a deadly viru..

Ex Tax: £5.42

Cabin Fever Blu-Ray

Five college friends head up to a remote cabin in the woods y an idyllic sun-drenched lake for a hed..

Ex Tax: £5.50