Charlie Chan - The Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD

Charlie Chan - The Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD
Charlie Chan - The Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD Charlie Chan - The Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD Charlie Chan - The Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD Charlie Chan - The Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD
Charlie Chan In The Secret Service: The World War II years, filled with espionage and spies of all sorts, were perfect for the foibles of Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler). And in his 1944 venture, America's Number One Chinese detective is enlisted by the Secret Service to find the person who murdered the inventor of a top-secret device. Charlie takes his time as he investigates the case of a scientist murdered for devising a wayto protect US forces from German U-boats. Bedeviled by a gaggle of eccentrics, his nervous assistant (Mantan Moreland) and his exuberantly in-the-way offspring (Benson Fong and Marianne Quon),Charlie must decide which of a houseful of guests is actually the plan-purloining Master Spy! The Chinese Cat: Number Three Son Tommy comes to the aid of a damsel in distress - by offering Charlie Chan's services - in this "top-notch whodunnit fare" (Variety) starring Sidney Toler and Benson Fong. LeahManning (Joan Woodbury) has never stopped searching for her father's murderer, although the police and the DA gave up long ago. And now, to add insult to injury, an "expert criminologist" has writtena "novel" accusing her mother of the crime! Charlie's investigation leads him to a cutthroat gang of gem thieves out to steal a wealth of diamonds hidden in a porcelain Chinese cat! The Jade Mask: Some families have reunions - this one has alibis! In this thrilling 1945 endeavour, Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) finds himself at odds with an entire family, any one of whom could be a killer! Helped by his pseudo-intellectual Number Four Son (Edwin Luke) and his panicky assistant Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland), Charlie investigates the recent murder of a brilliant but much-loathed scientist (Frank Reicher) who invented a gas that makes wood as strong as steel. But the investigation is anything but elementary, as Charlie sleuths his way through suspicious scientists, sultry sisters, a silent cousin and a butler with a very stiff upper lip! Meeting At Midnight:
Released in 1944 as Black Magic, this unusually absorbing mystery was celebrated on the revival circuit, making it one of the best-known films of the series! Filled with fun spiritualist gags, like levitating hankies and gamboling skeletons, Meeting at Midnight is a rendezvous you'll want to experience again and again! When Birmingham (Mantan Moreland) gets a job as a butler for the Bonner family, he doesn't know that they're con artists who specialize in trick seances. But things get really spooky when a murder occurs... and Charlie Chans daughter Frances becomes a suspect! Charlie (Sidney Toler) surmises that nearly everybody has a motive - but even he doesn't yet realize how dangerous these ghoulish swindlers really are! The Scarlet Clue: The unflappable Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) takes on a group of fast-track media types in this forties send-up of bad radio drama, snarling sponsors and tense thespians that also features Mantan Moreland and partner Ben Carter doing their classic nightclub routine - a Chan movie first! A fatal mistake made by an impatient detective in Chans employ leads the master sleuth to a radio studio that is somehow connected to a radar operation in the same building. A bloody heel print, lethal cigarettes and an icy wind tunnel all provide Charlie with clues to a dastardly scheme to steal top-secret radar plans - out these suspects are experts at deceit. After all, it's their business! The Shanghai Cobra: From the director of Kansas City Confidential and The Silencers comes this unusual Chan mystery. Containing a number of film noir elements unique to the series (such as a weary young detective, stark urban sets and a grown-up romance), The Shanghai Cobra is one of the most striking Chans of all! Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) is called in to investigate a strange and complicated series of mysterious murders by cobra venom. Soon Charlie, Number Three Son Tommy (Benson Fong) and ever-present assistant Birmingham Brown are on the trail of an escaped con from Shanghai who's out to rob a government vault of its valuable contents: highly toxic radium!
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Mono
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastSidney Toler,Mantan Moreland,Joan Woodbury,Arthur Loft,Benson Fong
ColourBlack & White
DirectorPhil Rosen,Phil Karlson
RegionDVD 2
Run Time376

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