Close to Me - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray

Close to Me - Complete Mini Series Blu-Ray
Jo Harding seems to have the perfect life, until a fall down the stairs means her memories from the past year are erased. Every memory from the past twelve months – gone. Her recovery is difficult, with vivid flashbacks, and overwhelming sense of confusion and anxiety.

Beyond that her personality has changed, sides of her being revealed that those around her don’t recognise. She’s more assertive, willing to stand up for herself, and gone is the sweet and conflict averse wife and mother.

Little by little, Jo’s memories start to come back, but it’s not clear how reliable they all are. Her seemingly perfect family are fractured, with their relationships strained. And then there’s the awful feeling those closest to her are keeping things from her, things crucial to the past year of her life….and to make matters worse, she is having sexually-charged flashbacks, recalling what seems to be a sex with another man, are these real memories? Was she having an affair?

She starts to remember someone with her just before she fell – but Rob insists he found her alone. Determined to find the truth, her new persona may be just what she needs to get to the truth.

Gradually, Jo begins to realise that the one year that’s shrouded in fog is the year when her previously thought of ‘perfect little life’ began to unravel. Disturbingly, one of those closest to her may be responsible for her injuries. It becomes clear that someone is keeping a terrible secret.

Starring Christopher Eccleston and Connie Neilsen
RegionBlu-Ray B

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