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A Special Day (aka Una Giornata Particolare) Blu-Ray

Italian cinema's most iconic screen couple, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni - here cast against glamorous type - deliver the finest and most nuanced performances of their career in this rarely seen masterpiece finally presented, restored and remastered in 4K - with striking desaturated colours - as originally created by its multi-awarded director Ettore Scola. On this special day in 1938, all of facist Rome has been mustered to a ..

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Battle Of Algiers - Special Edition Blu-Ray

Gillo Pontecorvo's multi-award winning picture The Battle Of Algiers, has perhaps never been as pertinent as it is now. Set from 1954 to 1962, the movie uses documentary-style black and white photography to recreate real events. Algerian liberation fighters use terrorist techniques against the French colonial occupiers; the French retaliate with brutal military force. Brilliantly directed set-pieces and remarkable crowd scenes make the ..

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Boccaccio 70 Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Boccaccio 70 Blu-Ray

A bigot obsesses over the gigantic poster of a voluptuous pin-up, a married woman finds a way of dealing with her husband's passion for call-girls, a sacristan wins a night with a beautiful fairground woman in a village lottery and a married couple's mishap enables them to buy their own house. Four of the greatest Italian directors - Fellini, Visconti, De Sica and Monicelli - join forces with show-stoppers Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg and..

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Marriage Italian Style Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Marriage Italian Style Blu-Ray

Based on one of the most successful Italian plays ever, "Filumena Marturano" by playwright and philosopher Eduardo De Filippo, Marriage Italian Style is an exhilarating comedy (nominated for two Oscars Best Foreign Picture and Best Actress) starring a combative Sophia Loren as a woman who'll do anything to kep her companion! Both Loren and co-star Mastroianni are more irrepressible than ever: their talent, exquisite timing and their she..

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Suspiria - Special Edition Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Suspiria - Special Edition Blu-Ray + DVD

Dario Argento personally introduces this CultFilms 4K restoration by saying 'I hope that you are ready'... We are ready. This 4K restored 40th Anniversary edition has reinstated the crucially distinct colour palette for the first time in accordance with Argent's original 'Technicolour Dy Transfer' specifications, finally doing justice to the director's original expressionist vision and now truly unleashing his hyper 'assault on the sens..

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The Innocent (Aka Linnocente) Blu-Ray

Luchino Visconti, the father of Neo Realism revisits the dramatic themes from his award winning ‘The Leopard’ in his final work of art L’Innocente. Driven by a powerful performance by Giancarlo Giannini (Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace) whose antihero displays hitherto uncharted monstrosity, L'Innocente is set against the opulent backdrop of the decadent aristocratic life of late 19th century and its hypocritical social conventions; t..

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Two Women (Aka La Ciociara) Blu-Ray

Two Women finally gets the release it deserves, pristinely restored and re-mastered in HD, doing justice to this neo-realist masterpiece which won Sophia Loren an Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ – the first ever in a foreign-language film. Uniquely, this release is presented in two versions: one in Italian, and one in English, dubbed by Loren herself. Two Women tells the story of a young widow, Cesira (Sophia Loren) and her 12 year old daughte..

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Umberto D Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Umberto D Blu-Ray

Considered as one of the greatest films of all time and the apex of Italian Neorealism, De Sica's masterpiece is a heartfelt portrait of an impoverished retired civil servant who lives in a rented room in postwar Rome with only his beloved dog and a teenage housemaid as companions. Faced with eviction when he can't keep up with his rent, the old man struggles to make ends meet and maintain his dignity. Umberto D's depiction of poverty..

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Yesterday Today & Tomorrow Blu-Ray

Irrepressible Vittorio De Sica (Bicycle Thieves, Umberto D.) directs this Oscar-winning film of three comic tales of love and sex in three cities. In Naples, Adelina sells cigarettes on the black market whilst avoiding prison thanks to a long string of pregnancies! In Milan rich Anna tries to escape boredom through escapades with a struggling journalist - until he prangs her Rolls! And in Rome "tart with a heart" Mara tackles a young pr..

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