Comedy Collection - Part 2 DVD

Comedy Collection - Part 2 DVD
Liz Fraser: Her Life In Comedy - The iconic Bristishatsr Liz Fraser discusses her life in film with comedy historian Robert Ross in this exclusive, open and frank interview. Liz then introduces the film "The Night We Dropped A Clanger". The Night We Dropped A Clanger - 1959: Directed by Darcy Conyers. A British intelligence agent (Brian Rix) and a look-alike airman confuse Germans while investigating buzz bombs in World War II France. Also stars William Hartnell, Leslie Phillips, Leo Frankly & Liz Fraser. The Case Of The Mukkinese Battle Horn - 1956: Directed by Joseph Sterling. Stars Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan & Dick Emery. Inspector Quilt of Scotland Yard attempts to retrieve a 'Mukkinese Battle-horn' stolen from a London museum. Along the way he meets characters not dissimilar to Eccles, Henry Crun and Minnie Bannister from The Goon Show. Written by Harry Booth, Jon Penington and regular Goon Show co-writer Larry Stephens with additional material by Sellers and Miligan. What A Wopper - 1960: Directed by former documentarist Gilbert Gunn. Adam Faith stars in this tale about a struggling writer who fakes photographs of the Loch Ness monster. Written by Terry Nation from a story by Jeremy Lloyd and Trevor Peacock. The cast includes a number of leading British film actors, including Wilfrid Brambell as a local postman, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey and Terry Scott. Plus a brilliant cameo performance from Spike Milligan as a tramp. The Butler's Dilemma - 1943: Directed by Leslie S. Hiscott and starring Richard Hearne in a dual role as Rodney Playfair and a Butler called Chapman, Ronald Shiner as Ernie, Ian Fleming, Francis L. Sullivan, Judy Kelly and Hermione Gingold. It was produced by Elisabeth Hiscott for Shaftesbury Films. Wimpish Rodney Playfair (Hearne) is persuaded, by a promise to erase his gambling debts, to impersonate an old manservant named Chapman for a few weeks in order to unwittingly provide an alibi for an accomplished thief. Gert And Daisy Clean Up - 1942: Directed by Maclean Rogers. The characters of Gert and Daisy were played by Florence Elsie Waters (1893-1990) and Doris Ethel Waters (1900-1978). This particular film was lost for many years and is newly restored to a complete version, utilising a 16mm print from a private collection and an original 35mm copy. This is the second of three wartime comic-propaganda films starring the beloved radio characters Gert & Daisy, who at a particularly bleak point in the war roll up their sleeves and set about denuding the street on which they sing a song. Tons Of Trouble - 1956: Directed by Leslie S. Hiscott. Starring Richard Hearne & William Hartnell. Mr Pastry is a kindly but haphazard caretaker in a block of flats looking after two old boilers that need much attention, named Mavis and Ethel. Wily milkman William Hartnell is after the caretaker's job but learns the hard way - after much hilarity - that some things are best left alone. Comedy Cocktail - 1951: Ej Fancy presents a cavalcade of some of Charlie Chaplin's most famous comedies. Gert And Daisy's Week-End - 1942: Directed by Maclean Rogers. Starring Elsie Waters, Doris Waters and Iris Vandeleur. Legends of British music hall and radio, Elsie and Doris Waters are at their very best in this hilarious wartime comedy farce. As the Blitz rages, Gert and Daisy volunteer to escort a rather lively group of evacuee children out of London to the safety of the English countryside. Used to the hardships of London's East End and sheltering from the bombs in Underground stations every night, the luxuries of Little Pipham Hall seem like another world. Soon, the grand house is in uproar and the appearance of a couple of jewel thieves intent on stealing Lady Plumtree's diamonds sets the scene for a grand farce. Your Money Or Your Wife - 1960: Directed by ANthony Simons with music composed by Philip Green. A young couple find out they are to inherent a fortune and they immediately go on a spending spree. However, it isn't until after they have spent a considerable sum that they discover the inheritance is to be paid in weekly instalments rather than as a lump sum! The only way they can get their hands on the entire amount is if the husband dies or they divorce. Rather than do this, they decide to take in lodgers to their sizeable home. Unfortunatley this is not as simply as it seems, as some of the lodgers turn out to be somewhat eccentric! Starring Peggy Cummins, Domald Sinden, Richard Wattis and Peter Reynolds.
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dual Mono
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastBrian Rix,Cecil Parker,Leslie Phillips,Peter Sellers,Spike Milligan
DirectorDarcy Conyers,Joseph Sterling,Gilbert Gunn,Leslie Hiscott,Maclean Rogers
RegionDVD 0
Run Time629

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