The Renown Crime Collection - Volume 1 DVD

The Renown Crime Collection - Volume 1 DVD
Collection of classic British crime dramas. In 'A Gunman Has Escaped' (1948) three gunmen flee a botched jewellery robbery and go on the run before finding jobs on a farm, where one of them falls in love with the farmer's daughter. 'Boy With a Flute' (1964), directed by Montgomery Tully, follows two sisters as they try to sell a prized painting. In 'Death Goes to School' (1953) Detective Inspector Campbell (Gordon Jackson) looks into the murder of a teacher at a girls' school where there are a number of suspects, including her colleagues and the married man she had an affair with. In 'King of the Underworld' (1952) a detective discovers a web of blackmail and intrigue whilst on the trail of a dangerous criminal. 'Black Memory' (1947) follows a young man, whose father was hanged for murder, as he returns home to uncover more of the mystery surrounding his father's death. In 'Murder at 3am' (1953) Inspector Peter Lawton (Dennis Price) investigates a series of late-night murders of women and begins to suspect his sister's boyfriend. In 'The Challenge' (1960) bank robber Billy (Jayne Mansfield) decides to ditch her boyfriend when he is finally caught and imprisoned. However, when he is released, she finds herself once again caught up in his criminal ways. 'Passport to Treason' (1956) follows an American private detective as he investigates his friend's mysterious death. 'The Price of Silence' (1959) follows an ex-con as he tries to rebuild his life outside prison, only to have his criminal past resurface when some of his former associates try to blackmail him. Finally, in 'The Secret Man' (1958) a scientist works to uncover a spy ring.

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