The Renown Crime Collection - Volume 2 DVD

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The Renown Crime Collection - Volume 2 DVD
Collection of classic British crime dramas. In 'The Third Alibi' (1961) a married composer begins an affair with his wife's half-sister, with deadly consequences. In 'Jackpot' (1960) a nightclub owner vows to take revenge on the man who robbed his safe, but the police are just as keen to catch him and bring him to justice. 'The Quiet Woman' (1951) follows Jane Foster (Jane Hylton) as she tries to start a new life and takes over a coastal pub. However, when her new boyfriend Duncan (Derek Bond) begins to use the pub for nefarious purposes, Jane's past indiscretions come back to haunt her once more. 'Impulse' (1954) follows an American realtor as he embarks upon an impulsive affair and becomes embroiled in plots of robbery and murder. In 'Crosstrap' (1962) a young couple seek temporary solitude in a rented country house but instead find it is being used by a gang of criminals. In 'Smart Alec' (1951) Alec Albion (Peter Reynolds) hatches a foolproof plan to kill his uncle and attempts to perfectly execute it.In 'Passenger to London' (1937) a British secret agent is shot on a train, sparking a race to recover the papers he was able to retrieve before his death. 'The Body Vanished' (1939) follows a detective as he investigates a murder while on holiday in a rural village. 'The Riverside Murder' (1935) follows a pair of young detectives as they investigate the murder of a rich man who was killed in his own home and seemingly without a motive. Finally, in 'Vengeance Is Mine' (1949), a dying man tries to frame one of his enemies for his death. The collection also includes interviews with the actress Patricia Dainton in which she discusses her career.

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