Danny Boy DVD

Danny Boy DVD
Danny Boy DVD Danny Boy DVD
Danny Boy tells the powerful true story of a soldier’s journey from hero to alleged war criminal, and his search for the truth. Starring multi-award winners Toby Jones and Anthony Boyle.

This standalone piece follows Brian Wood, a young soldier accused of war crimes after a notorious battle in Iraq, and his personal battle to clear his conscience and his name. The drama takes you from the adrenaline of the frontline, to the scrutiny of a determined lawyer seeking the truth, and the emotional pressure of one of Britain’s biggest ever public inquiries. Called to give evidence, Brian must search his soul to account for his actions taken in the heat of battle. After killing for his country, can Brian be the husband, father, and son, his family believes him to be?

Starring Toby Jones, Anthony Boyle, Alex Ferns, Leah McNamara.
CastToby Jones, Kiran Sonia Sawar, Anthony Boyle, Sarah Niles, Alex Ferns, Leah McNamara
DirectorSam Miller

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