Dark Angel

Dark Angel
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Dark Angel Season 2 DVD

In a future of political, economic and moral collapse, a genetically enhanced superhuman prototype named Max (Jessica Alba) escapes from military confines and dwells amidst the decadent underground street life of post-pulse 'Seattle' to avoid government agents who want to bring her back into the fold... Special Features Seattle Ain't What It Used To Be Featurette..

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Dark Angel Season 1 DVD

In the year 2019 the U.S. has become a third world country in the wake of the Pulse - an electromagnetic shockwave unleashed by nuclear terrorists in 2009. This is Max's world, an unforgiving place even for a genetically engineered soldier like her. On the run from her creators and constantly in search of her past, Max joins forces with the idealistic cyberjournalist "Eyes Only". She's a revved-up girl trying to make a run-down world a ..

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