Death Wish 5 - The Face Of Death DVD

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Death Wish 5 - The Face Of Death DVD
Paul Kersey's work was finally done. With his personal vendetta against street thugs far behind him, the former "vigilante" had re-focused his deep seeded anger against unchecked crime to become a university architecture professor. His message was simple: no violent act was tolerable. It was a message he'd always remember, and one he would have to soon forget. A new city and a new career had given Paul Kersey's life renewed meaning, but it was Olivia whom made it worth living. A top fashion model, hers was a love which Paul never thought he'd ever know. And together with her daughter, the trio enjoyed a second chance at life which few could ever imagine. But their dream would not last. Mob Boss Tommy O'Shea, the daughter's natural father, had returned demanding custody. More mad-dog than man, when 0'Shea shameless strongarm tactics fail his rage drives him to disfigure Olivia's timeless beauty with an acid bath. His world ripped apart, Kersey manages to control his anger and confirm his devotion to Olivia with a marriage proposal. The union, however, is never to be as O'Shea's men brutally murder Olivia before Kersey's helpless eyes. Dragged back to his darker side, Kersey avenges Olivia's death with a cold calculated assault on the mob boss' clan...saving O'Shea for last.
Aspect Ratio1.77:1 (16:9)
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital 2.0
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastCharles Bronson, Lesley-Anne Down, Michael Parks
DirectorAllan A Goldstein
RegionDVD 2
Run Time91

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Tags: 1990s