Defenders of The Earth DVD

Defenders of The Earth DVD
Disc One, Escape From Mongo: Flash’s wife’s life force is drained in Ming’s evil Inquisitor but not before her esence is saved for Rick’s nearly completed new super computer, Dynak X. In the first real battle with Ming on Earth, our heroes are nearly electrocuted in an abandoned penitentiary. Creation of Monitor: A huge cavern located in a dormant volcano is chosen as the new home for the Defenders of the Earth and their super computer, Dynak X. Demons in His Pocket: Kshin’s experiments with Mandrake’s forbidden sorcery book produces Shogoth, an evil demon. It takes all the defenders to defeat this creature. In the end, Kahin learns a valuable lesson … What it takes to be a defender of the Earth. Disc Two, A House Divided: The Phantom’s family secret! His evil older brother joins forces with Ming the Merciless and becomes N’Dama – The Weather Demon! Bits and Chips: Ultracomputer Dynak X is invaded by Ming’s Electronic Maggot and miniaturized Defenders must fight her war within! Root of Evil: A famous scientist’s plant food experiment backfires into a formula that turns people into plants. Disc Three, Cold War: Ming the Merciless develops a weather control device and plots to freeze the world solid! Sleeper Awakes: A mammoth killer robot from another galaxy has been buried right under Central Cirl for more than ten million years. Ming discovers a way to wake it up Ming unfreezes ancient dinosaurs in the Alaskan tundra and unleashes them on the world!
Aspect RatioNot Specified
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastLoren Lester,Lou Richards,Peter Renaday,Peter Mark Richman,Dion Williams,Sarah Partridge,Adam Carl,Buster Jones,Diane Pershing
DirectorJohn Gibbs,Ray Lee,Will Meugniot
RegionDVD 0
Run Time198

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Tags: 1980s, Childrens Boxset, Cult Kids