Dora The Explorer - Meet Diego / Super Babies / Big Sister Dora (3 Disc) DVD

Dora The Explorer - Meet Diego / Super Babies / Big Sister Dora (3 Disc) DVD
Dora The Explorer - Meet Diego / Super Babies / Big Sister Dora (3 Disc) DVD Dora The Explorer - Meet Diego / Super Babies / Big Sister Dora (3 Disc) DVD
Big Sister Dora Big Sister Dora - Dora needs to hurry home! Her Mami is having a baby! Is it a boy or a girl? Help Big Sister Dora and Boots find the quickest way home so that they can discover the surprise!
Dora Saves The Game - Dora has to run to the soccer stadium! Her cousin Daisy needs one more player for her team, and only Dora can save the day. Help Dora run, jump, kick, and save the big game!
Job Day - What do you want to be when you grow up? Explore jobs with Dora!
A Letter For Swiper - It's up to Dora, Boots, and you to deliver letters to everyone - even Swiper the Fox!
Super Babies - Dora tells her baby brother and sister a story in which they're Super Babies! But even Super Babies need your help to get their baby food back.
Catch the Babies - The babies have climbed into their baby carriage, and are rolling downhill! Help Mami, Papi, Dora and friends try to catch them!
Baby Dino - When Dora and Boots find a lost baby dinosaur, they need the help of Diego, some Explorer Stars, and you, to get Baby Dino home.
Por Favor - Join Dora and Boots on an adventure to help King Kinkajou retrieve his crown by using the magic words: Please! Por favor!
Meet Diego Meet Diego! - At the Animal Rescue Centre, Dora, Boots, and Diego hear a call for help. Baby Jaguar is stuck at the Waterfall, and they need you to help them run, swing, and jump to the rescue! Check Diego's Field Journal, zip along on a zip-cord, call to wild animals ... all while jumping, reaching, and grabbing for stars! There's a lot to do in this action-packed animal adventure.
To The South Pole - The Rescue Truck arrives at Diego's Animal Rescue Centre to drop off an animal that's really lost - a penguin! Dora, Boots and Diego will need to ride on a plane, a boat, and even a snowmobile to bring Pinguino back to his family in the South Pole! Help them talk to animals along the way, and catch stars! Even in the South Pole, Dora needs you to keep an eye out for estrellas ... and for that sneaky fox, Swiper!
Little Star - Dora and Boots want to make a wish on the first star in the night sky, but suddenly Little Star falls to the earth! With your help, Dora and Boots set out to bring the adorable Little Star back home to her friend the Moon, so that everyone can make a wish!
Wizzle Wishes - Meet the Wizzle, a cute little creature who has lost his wishes and can't wish himself home. To help the Wizzle, Dora and Boots need to catch his runaway wishes before they all get used up! They can't do it without you!
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Stereo, Dutch Stereo, French Stereo, Irish Stereo
Case TypeBoxset Amaray
CastSasha Toro,Jake Burbage,Jason Thornton,Kathleen Herles,Marc Weiner,Harrison Chad,Ashley Fleming
DirectorGary Conrad
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionDVD 2
Run Time287

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