Dynasty Season 3 DVD

Dynasty Season 3 DVD
John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Joan Collins heat up this electrifying new season the mega-hit series Dynasty, from producing icon Aaron Spelling and show creators Richard and Esther Shapiro. Scandal and deception continue to reign over the Carrington family as Jack Coleman and Gordon Thomson join the cast. There's an abundance of riches in this 6-disc, 24-episode collection-including the truly sizzling season-ending cliffhanger.

Episodes - DISC 1: THE PLEA: Season 3 begins with Blake lying alone and injured in the mountains after being thrown from his horse. Luckily, Krystle finds him and rushes him to hospital. Cecil is also at the hospital recovering from his heart attack, and Alexis assures him their wedding plans will proceed as soon as he's better. Meanwhile, the search is on for the kidnapped little Blake. At a televised press conference, a reward is announced and Alexis talks about their son, Adam, who disappeared as a baby and was never found. Off in Montana, Michael Torrance learns from his dying grandmother that he is that missing Carrington heir. THE ROOF: While Alexis and Cecil make plans to hold their wedding in the hospital, Michael arrives in Denver to learn the truth about his past. When Claudia goes missing, Blake suspects she's behind he disappearance of little Blake. When she's confronted on a high rooftop, a distraught Claudia is clutching a bundle in her arms. Refusing to give the baby up-claiming that it's her own daughter Lindsay-she hurls the blanketed bundle over the edge. To the relief of all, the bundle turns out to be only a doll. But little Blake is still missing. THE WEDDING: Claudia is sent away to High Grove Sanitarium. Little Blake is recovered from the real kidnapper, Alfred Grimes, son of the notorious Roger Grimes. Blake gives Fallon a job at his hotel La Miranda, where she encounters Michael, unaware that he may be her brother. When Michael confronts Blake with what his grandmother told him, Blake denies that he's his long-lost son Adam. Alexis and Cecil are wed in hospital, but the marriage lasts only minutes before Cecil dies. THE WILL: As Cecil's will is read, his entire fotune and ColbyCO are bequeathed to Jeff and Alexis. His role in the “Rhinewood-game” is also revealed, leading Blake to suspect that Alexis was involved. Michael has now assumed the name Adam and goes to find Alexis. Showing Alexis the special silver rattle he had when he was kidnapped, he convinces her that he is, in fact, her missing son.

DISC 2: THE SIBLINGS: Having gained Alexis's trust, Michael (Adam) is given a position in ColbyCo. This leads Blake to believe he might be their missing son as well. Blake and Krystle invite Adam for dinner, but it ends in confrontation. Fallon and Adam continue to flirt with each other, not knowing that they are siblings. Always plotting, the devious Alexis has tracked down Krystle's first husband, Mark. MARK: Adam rejects Blake's attempts to reconcile. After Alexis learns that Mark is still married to Krystle, he's hired as a tennis pro at Fallon's hotel. Adam is furious when Jeff quits his job at ColbyCo and starts working for Alexis. And after years of service, Joseph wants to quit his job at the mansion to be with his daughter Kirby in France, but Blake convinces him to stay. KIRBY: After calling off her engagement in France, Kirby moves in with the Carringtons, but Joseph tries to persuade her to go back. Meanwhile Blake attempts to get Congressman Neal McVane to help him with business matters. Jeff and Adam struggle to work together at ColbyCo. And Adam has secretly gotten his hands on a poisonous chemical mixture. LA MIRAGE: Fallon throws a glamorous opening for her hotel “La Mirage.” Alexis seduces Congressman McVane in order to stop him from helping Blake, but Blake threatens to expose the Congressman's past so Mcvane tells Alexis he can't help her. Fallon receives a letter from Steven, who's working on an oil rig in Indonesia, At the party, Mark shocks Krystle with the news that they're still married. Jeff comes to the rescue during an altercation between Adam and Kirby, and by the end of the night Jeff and Kirby are in a romantic embrace. Overly intoxicated, Fallon and Mark jump into the hotel pool and kiss in front of all the guests.

DISC 3: ACAPULCO: Jeff starts succumbing to the toxic paint in his office and Joseph warns Kirby to stay away from Jeff. When Krystle flies off to Acapulco to find out the truth about her divorce, Blake follows her for support. The legal issues are resolved and Blake and Krystle's marriage is validated. Things are looking up for the Carringtons until they learn the oil rig Steven works on has exploded. THE LOCKET: Blake and Alexis fly separately to Indonesia, where Steven is presumed dead after the oil rig explosion. When Sammy Jo's father Frank tries to collect her share of Steven's inheritance, Krystle throws him out. Joseph shows up at Jeff's office to warn him to stay away from Kirby. Affected by the toxic paint, Jeff attacks Joseph. Blake's jealousy is piqued when Mark continues to try to contact Krystle. THE SEARCH: Blake and Alexis search for Steven in Indonesia. Blake continues to hold out hope of his son's survival by hiring a psychic to help. Krystle discovers that Frank was paid by Mark to leave her alone. Meanwhile, distraught over Jeff, Kirby goes to Adam for consolation but Adam soon makes advances and rapes her. Jeff becomes increasingly ill from the poisonous paint fumes in his office. SAMANTHA: Blake continues to search frantically for Steven with the help of the psychic. Krystle is concerned about Blake's erratic behaviour; seeing Krystle's love for Blake moves Fallon to reconcile with her. Alexis has arranged a memorial service for Steven, but Blake refuses to attend, certain Steven is alive. Never missing a chance to scheme, grieving mother Alexis seduces Mark. Sammy Jo, now preferring to be called Samantha, appears at the service with Steven's baby son.

DISC 4: DANNY: The electrifying Season 3 continues as Sammy Jo follows her dream to become a model to New York. Leaving her newborn son Danny behind, she spurns lucrative offers from Blake and Alexis to stay. However, Krystle and Blake are thrilled when Sammy Jo asks them to be Danny's adoptive parents. Meanwhile, Alexis resumes her secret affair with Krystle's ex-husband, Mark. Then in a Singapore hospital, Steven regains consciousness; he's alive, but he doctor tells him that the blast from the oil rig resulted in severe burns, causing Steven to need plastic surgery on his face. MADNESS: Having poisoned Jeff with toxic paint, Adam now tries to link him to the Cecil/Logan Rhinewood scandal. Alexis is incensed to learn that Blake and Krystle plan to adopt Danny, and insists on custody for herself; but the couple can't adopt until Krystle seals her divorce from Mark. His wild mood swings out of control, an enraged Jeff attacks Fallon when he discovers her in Mark's hotel room. Mark arrives to rescue Fallon and Alexis intervenes, sending Jeff out of town to cool off. Then, Adam drops the bombshell to Alexis: he had Jeff's office painted with the lethal toxin, and if she tries to remove it, he'll implicate her in the crime. TWO FLIGHTS TO HAITI: Despite Blake's pleas, Fallon flies to Haiti to seek a divorce from Jeff; Mark follows her and surprises her at her hotel. Adam extends a personal job offer to Kirby and Alexis confronts Adam; she will not be a part of what he's done to Jeff. In his disoriented condition, Jeff signs over his voting control of Blake's company to Alexis. When Jeff is subsequently hospitalised after a fit of rage against Mark on the tennis court, a distressed Alexis must wait to see what the doctor's find in Jeff's blood. THE MIRROR: Alexis orders that Jeff's office be remodelled and the toxic paint removed. Now together in Haiti, Fallon and Mark fall into each other's arms and make love. Blake uncovers Alexis' scheme to merge and control both the Carrington and ColbyCo companies. Dr. Edwards, Adam's former physician, arrives in town to check on Adam again. Blake is stunned when poison is found in Jeff's system. Then in Singapore comes another staggering revelation: the bandages on Steven's face finally come off.

DISC 5: BATTLE LINES: Blake pursues legal action to prevent Alexis from seizing control of Denver-Carrington, and Krystle confides to him that Alexis may secretly know the cause of Jeff's poisoning. Even though the toxin has still not been identified, Jeff is released from the hospital. Returning from Haiti, Fallon and Mark share a prolonged passionate kiss, unaware that Kirby is watching. Halfway across the world in Singapore, Steven's aloofness piques the interest of his doctor, who makes a phone call. Back in Denver, Blake answers-and learns his son my be alive. REUNIONS IN SINGAPORE: Blake is off to Singapore, but not before Alexis confronts him: she will do whatever it takes in her hostile bid to take over his company. But Blake gains assurance that Congressman McVane is on his side in the merger battle. Jeff informs Alexis he now wants to rescind giving up his stock. When Adam attacks Kirby in a hotel room, Jeff shows up to save her and, in the heat of the moment proposes. In Singapore, Steven informs his father he will not come back to the family or the Carrington compound...until Blake tells him he has a son. FATHERS AND SONS: Steven returns to Denver and the family is overjoyed-the Carrington mansion becomes a frenzy of activity and emotions. Steven has his first meeting with his brother, Adam-and his new son Danny. Fallon and Mark intensify their torrid affair; and in Reno, Kirby becomes Jeff's bride. Meanwhile, the company merger is moving closer to approval. Alexis admits to Steven that she paid his wife Sammy Jo to leave Denver-and announces her suspicions that Blake bought Danny. Determined, Steven travels to New York to locate Sammy Jo. THE DOWNSTAIRS BRIDE: Joseph is livid to learn that his daughter Kirby is now married to Jeff, telling her she's ruined her life. When Blake attempts a cease fire with Alexis over their son Steven, Alexis counters by extending a share of ColbyCo to Steven. Adam confides to Fallon that he doesn't believe Steven is fit to rule the family empire. While in New York, Steven finds Sammy Jo and discusses reconciliation but he returns to Denver by himself and, defying his father, moves out of the estate with Danny. Krystle firmly convinces Blake it's for the best.

DISC 6: THE VOTE: It's the big moment as the Board of Directors meet to decide on the Denver-Carrington/ColbyCo merger. Approval comes only after Alexis vows that any member who votes nay will be let go, leaving Blake enraged at the outcome. When Kirby becomes jealous watching Jeff and Fallon laughing together, Krystle is there to console her. Krystle also tries to mend the rift between Steven and Blake, Jeff confronts Adam over fraudulent business reports and Fallon learns of Mark's promiscous past, via her mother, Alexis. When Congressman McVane steps in to squash the merger, a not-to-be-messed-with Alexis exposes his dirty laundry to the media. THE DINNER: Blake Is armed with damning evidence against Alexis, Alexis is digging up her own dirt on Blake, and the merger war rages on. When Jeff and Kirby have their first fight, the honeymoon may already be over. Steven checks up on ex-wife Claudia at the sanitarium, and Mark decides Alexis' monetary offer to leave Fallon, who soon after discovers her mother in his bed. Doing her best to reunite father and son, Krystle plans a special dinner for Blake and Steven, but Alexis surreptitiously sabotages the event. Blake instinctively blames Steven and, angered by her husband's callousness, Krystles leaves. THE THREAT: Congressman McVane realizes Alexis is behind the sordid headline in the press regarding himself and a young girl. Kirby discovers she's pregnant. Then comes the epic showdown: finally having it all out, Krystle and Alexis exchange blows over Fallon, falling and flailing in the lily pond until Blake intercedes. A mortified Krystle moves out, taking refuge at La Mirage. Having lost her diamond earring in the catfight, Alexis commands Joseph drain the pool-threatening to spill all she knows about Kirby's mother if he doesn't. Later, the disgraced Congressman has his own threat for Alexis: he'll kill her. THE CABIN: The sizzling season finale: Blake finds out that Chris-Steven's attorney and lover-is now living with his son, and sets out to win custody of Danny. When Alexis won't pay off her private investigator's gambling debt, the man threatens her. Kirby now knows Adam-not her husband Jeff-is the baby's father. Consulting Dr. Edwards, Fallon connects the dots in Adam's past, and asks the hospital to investigate Jeff's poisoning. Alexis arranges to meet Krystle in Steven's cabin, offering her $1 million to dump Blake...insulted, Krystle bolts for the door, but finds it's locked with the two now trapped inside as smoke fills the room.
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono, French Mono
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastLee Bergere,Linda Evans,Lloyd Bochner,Joan Collins,John Forsythe,John James,Arlen Dean Snyder,Gordon Thomson,Pamela Bellwood,Pamela Sue Martin
DirectorAlf Kjellin,Bob Sweeney,Jerome Courtland,Irving J Moore,Gwen Arner,Glynn Turman,Philip Leacock
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time1095

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