Dynasty Season 6 DVD

Dynasty Season 6 DVD
The legend that is Dynasty reaches a spectacular new plateau in the monumental sixth season. Television immortal Aaron Spelling and creators Richard and Esther Shapiro bring all the trademark glamour, stunning plot twists and masterful storytelling to soaring new heights. John Forsythe, Joan Collins and Linda Evans headline the glittering cast, along with the always-surprising line up of superstar guests. These 30 compelling episodes dramatically raise the stakes of the raging war between the Carringtons and Colbys - with a gripping climax for the ages.

Episodes - Disc 1 - The aftermath - Survivors and victims emerge in the wake of the royal wedding attack. King Galen is pronounced dead, Krystle and Alexis are thrown into a Moldavian dungeon, while Sammy Jo plots a doubly devious ploy., The homecoming - Alexis and Krystle are freed when Blake arranges a multimillion-dollar ransom. Claudia is touched by Steven's emotional eulogy for Luke, as a slick movie director is drawn to Sammy Jo's impersonation scheme., The Californians - Against his better judgment, Blake enters into pipeline deal with long-lost Jason Colby. Jason's sister Constance stuns Jeff with a sudden entreaty and, with Sammy Jo and Joel's urging, Rita becomes Krystle's double., The Man - King Galen has become Alexis' obsession, while Claudia and Adam reconcile in San Francisco. Jason is outraged when Constance grants Jeff 50% of Colby Enterprises, and Krystle nearly comes face-to-face with Rita, now her double.

Disc 2 - The Gown - Alexis and Dex battle to rescue King Galen, still very much alive. As Amanda and Michael grow apart, Claudia and Adma are wed. Meantime, in one violent stroke, Rita replaces Krystle in Blake's life., The Titans - Special two-part episodes: With the real Krystle locked away as a prisoner, Rita becomes the new Mrs Blake Carrington. Dex is captured in Moldavia, an enraged Blake severs Adam from his inheritance, and Dominique rekindles a former flame. Then, Jeff looks on as Fallon shockingly turns up - with Miles Colby., The decision - Dex and Alexis stage a daring rescue of King Galen in Moldavia, but Krystle is still held captive in the farm attic. Jeff sets out in search of Fallon, unaware of her motel rendezvous with Miles.

Disc 3 - The Proposal - Rita is increasingly desperate to fend off Blake's romantic overtures. Now the heir of a lucrative oil well, Claudia returns to the Carrington mansion. Galen, hospital-ridden, promises the world to Alexis., The close call - Blake's purchase of a horse threatens to expose Sammy Jo's deception, while a distraught Claudia also challenges Blake over rights to the oil well. A conniving King Galen comes between Alexis and Dec., The Quarrels - Blake arranges a doctor's visit for Rita, but ultimately becomes enraged by her sexual rejections. King Galen masterfully manipulates both Alexis and Michael, much to Dex's rising disdain., The roadhouse - Joel insists Rita make love to Blake, then Alexis and Dex are shocked to spot Joel and the real Krystle together. To protect Carrington business interests, Adam tries to pay off powerful political player Bart Fallmont.

Disc 4 - The solution - Posing as Krystle, Rita has pushed Blake to the brink of divorce and is driven to poison him. Alexis remains unaware of Galen's ruse, as Dominique grapples with two powerful suitors, Jonathan and Garrett., Suspicions - Joel and Rita connive to finish off Blake, but Sammy Jo is averse to their murderous plan. Steven and Bart duke it out, and Alexis' sister, Caress Morell, is now free to scandalise her in a tell-all book., The alarm - Both Alexis and Adam look to take full adfvantage of the incapacitated Blake. But when Sammy Jo goes to Steven to save Blake, the Carrington patriarch suffers a violent seizure., The Vigil - Hospitalised, Blake suddenly realizes the truth of Rita's charade. King Galen makes a multimillion-dollar move on Alexis and Dex, Amanda discovers Michael and Elena together, and Krystle, with Sammy Jo's aid, overpowers Rita.

Disc 5 - The accident - Still plagues by visions of Joel, Krystle finally retuns to Blake. Joel and Rita, now desperate fugitives on the run, plan their next scam. Dex is determined to expose Galen, then encounters a determined Amanda., Souvenirs - Alexis orchestratres a ruthless journalist's bid to destroy Krystle. Michael is overwhelmed when Amanda demands divorce, forcing a stunning revelation from his father, Galen. Then, Amanda lures a tipsy Dex to bed., The divorce - Hell-bent on divorce when she finds Dex and her daughter together, Alexis also endures a messy confrontation with Krystle, then learns of Galen's royal hoax. Spotting Steven and Bart Fallmont together, Adam devises a malicious conspirancy., The dismissal - While Sammy Jo seeks to make amends with Krystle, Blake focuses on capturing his wife's tormentors. With Galen now exiled, estranged from Dex and rejected by Blake, Alexis promises new vengeance upon the Carrington empire.

Disc 6 - Ben -The fighting gets dirty between Krystle and Alexis. Steven and Bart grow closer, unaware of Adam's private snooping. Alexis is thrilled to entice Blake's estranged brother, Ben Carrington, to come to Denver - until Caress makes her next move., Masquerade - Alexis hears of Caress' bitter expose. Dominique and Garrett quarrel over the father of her daughter, and Steven clashes with Adam over Bart. The masquerade ball is the scene for Alexis startling revelation - Ben., The subpoenas - Amanda is emotionally devastated, first by Dex, then by Alexis. Steven and Blake are both upset with Adam - through his treachery against Bart Fallmont has achieved its end. Then, Alexis brutally manoeuvres to squash Caress.

Disc 7 - The trial (Part 1) - Alexis relishes suppressing Sister Dearest, as well as Caress. The trial begins, pitting brother against brother, Blake vs. Ben - Dominique and Jackie are caught in the middle, with Alexis set to testify against Blake., The trial (Part 2) - When a key witness is discredited , Blake must relinquish one-fourth of the Carrington empire. As Steven and Adma continue their war over Bart Fallmont, Ben cautions the one witness - Emily Fallmont - who could destroy everything., The vote - Under fire both in the courtroom and the boardroom, Blake faces the battles of his life. Caress comes forward with incriminating evidence against Alexis, whose callous regard of Amanda could push her daughter over the edge., The warning - The Carrington empire threatens to unravel, until Caress gains evidence against Ben and his relations with Emily. As Alexis concocts explosive documents on Blake's China Seas dealings, Claudia fights Adam over the disputed oil well.

Disc 8 - The cry - Blake is forced into desperate deal, unaware of Alexis' involvement. Caress digs up dirt on Ben and Ellen, but Blake refuses to use it. Jackie learns Garett is her father, and Amanda attempts suicide., The rescue - Alexis and Blake rush to Amanda's side, only to vow reprisal against each other. Caress blackmails Ben, but Ben has his own plans against her - as well as Alexis., The triple-cross - Blake and Alexis take their best shots at the South China Seas deal - with Ben backstabbing them both. While Dominique is to be wed, Sammy Jo enjoys a romantic encounter with Clay Fallmont., The vendetta - At Dominique's engagement bash, Sammy Jo and Amanda catfight in the pool. Ben wins the south China sea leases, resulting in a deadly showdown between Blake and Alexis.
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono, French Mono, German Mono
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastHeather Locklear,Jack Coleman,Joan Collins,Pamela Bellwood,Pamela Sue Martin,Catherine Oxenburg,Al Corley,Linda Evans,Michael Nader,John Forsythe,John James,Emma Samms,Gordon Thomson
DirectorDon Medford,Robert Scheerer,Gwen Arner,Kim Friedman
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time1383

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