Faerie Tale Theatre - Tales From The Brothers Grimm DVD

Faerie Tale Theatre - Tales From The Brothers Grimm DVD
Once upon a time... Evil witches, beautiful princesses, a wicked stepmother and a big, bad wolf fill this collection of Faerie Tale Theatre episodes adapted from the Brothers Grimm classics. Sure to keep you entertained "happily ever after," these enchanting stories are brought to life with stellar casts that include Jeff Bridges, Joan Collins, Gena Rowlands, Ricky Schroder and more! Hansel And Gretal: Left alone in the woods, Hansel (Ricky Schroder) and Gretel (Bridgette Andersen) chance upon a house made of candy, only to become prisoners of a mean old witch (Joan Collins) who wants to fatten them up for supper. Rumpelstiltskin: After helping a young woman (Shelley Duvall) spin straw into gold and become Queen, a menacing little man (Herve Villachaize) gives her an ultimatum - either guess his bizarre name or give up her first-born child. Rapunzel: In a dark forest, an enchantress (Gena Rowlands) keeps the beautiful, long-haired Rapunzel (Shelley Duvall) hidden inside a tall tower, until a young, handsome prince (Jeff Bridges) finds her and falls in love. Little Red Riding Hood: While on her way to her grandmother's house, Little Red Riding Hood (Mary Steenburgen) crosses paths with a hungry wolf (Malcolm McDowell) who hatches a plan to eat her.
Aspect RatioNot Specified
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastRicky Schroder,Bridgette Andersen,Shelley Duvall
RegionDVD 2
Run Time196

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