Family Friend DVD

Family Friend DVD
Italian family drama about a rotten loan shark horning his way into a young couple's wedding. This critically beloved third film by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is said by many to be his best work to date. Geremia De Geremei (Giacomo Rizzo) is sleazy and thoroughly disagreeable old loan shark who lives with his bedridden harridan of a mum. Friendless and socially inept, he horns in on a young couple whose parents are forced to borrow from him to pay for their nuptials. The loan is made conditional upon the proud parents inviting this elderly sleaze to their child's big day, which they agree to only with great reluctance. De Geremei's interest in the pretty young bride Rosalba (Laura Chiatti) becomes decidedly unhealthy but he may have met his match in this scathing-tongued bride-to-be.

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Tags: 2000s, Italian