Father Ted Series 1 DVD

Father Ted Series 1 DVD
All six episodes from the first series of the cult favourite Channel 4 sitcom which centres on a house of three Catholic priests (Fathers Ted, Dougal and Jack), situated on a remote Irish island. In 'Good Luck, Father Ted', Ted has a chance of appearing on television but is thwarted by Dougal, Jack and the arrival of the worst fair in the world. In 'Entertaining Father Stone', Ted decides that he has had enough of Father Stone's visits to Craggy Island, but a bolt of lightning changes his mind. Whilst in 'The Passion of St Tibulus', Ted and Dougal demonstrate outside the local cinema that is showing a film banned by the Pope, but the film becomes more successful despite their protestations. The priests do their 'Three Stages of Elvis' act in the All Priests Look-a-Like Competition in 'Competition Time', while in 'And God Created Woman', Ted finds his vows of celibacy tested by the arrival on Craggy Island of a steamy authoress. Finally in 'Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest', Jack consumes too much floor polish and leaves Ted and Dougal half a million pounds in his will, but he may not stay dead long enough for them to collect.

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