Fido DVD

Fido DVD
Quirky comedy horror set in 1950s era small town America. When the Earth passes through a mysterious cloud of space dust, the massed ranks of the dead arise from their graves with a craving for human flesh. Just when it seems the human race is doomed, scientists at the aptly named ZomCom Corporation create a collar that takes away the zombies primal urges, allowing them to be tamed and used as domestic help. When Helen Robinson (Carrie-Anne Moss) decides to purchase one of the zombies to impress their new neighbours, her initially sceptical son Timmy (K'Sun Ray) treats his new friend like a dog. Soon however, Fido (Billy Connolly) and Timmy develop a friendship, of sorts, that is severely tested when Fido's collar malfunctions and Timmy's neighbours find themselves on the menu.

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