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21 Days - The Heineken Kidnapping Blu-Ray

As one of the richest men in the Netherlands, Alfred 'Freddy' Heineken was a prime target for kidnappers. Snatched one evening by a team of inexperienced, hot headed, young criminals and held for 21 gruelling days in a cold, cramped cell, Freddy finds himself rendered powerless for the first time in his life. The situation is exacerbated by the gang's youngest member, an individual who takes special pleasure in humiliating and frighteni..

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Winter In Wartime Blu-Ray

January 1945. Nazi occupied Holland lies under a blanket of snow. A young man, Michiel, defiant in his hatred for the Nazis, inadvertently receives a map detailing the hiding place of a crashed RAF pilot and sets off to prove his worth. He finds the pilot, Jack, badly injured, but the situation becomes more desperate when a dead Nazi trooper is found and the hunt for the killer commences. Unaware of the terrible consequences that await ..

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