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The Avengers
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The Avengers DVD

The Avengers, the hip secret-agent series from ’60s TV, is reinvented for the movies with a stylish blend of wit, fabulous retro fashions and effects-packed action. Ralph Fiennes is the very dapper John Steed and Uma Thurman is the smartly catsuited Emma Peel, two secret agents who fight crime with style. Sean Connery portrays Sir August De Wynter, an evil genius out to control the world with his high-tech weather machine. This madman p..

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The New Avengers - The Complete Series DVD

This 8 disc collector’s edition of the New Avengers Series 1 & Series 2 follows the adventures of John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and new accomplices (Joanna Lumley) and Gambit (Gareth Hunt) as they have to deal with extravagant plots and scandalous villains.Episodes Series One: The Eagle's Nest The Midas Touch House Of Cards The Last Of The Cybernauts...? To Catch A Rat Cat Amongst The Pigeons Target! Faces The Tale Of The Big Why Three ..

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