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Girls Und Panzer
Girls Und Panzer
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Girls Und Panzer - Anzio Battle OVA Blu-Ray + DVD Out of Stock

Girls Und Panzer - Anzio Battle OVA Blu-Ray + DVD

"A piece of spaghetti or a military unit,” George S. Patton famously said, "can only be led from the front end." However, once the heat of battle has cooled and the fog of war turns as thick as minestrone, determining which end was front and who pulled on what can be difficult. Therefore, for the enthusiasts who’ve puzzled over the epic tank battle between the girls of Oorai Girls’ Academy and their Italian-themed rivals from Anzio High..

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Girls Und Panzer - Ova Collection Blu-Ray

Life at Oarai Academy is never boring when you have tanks at your disposal! The girls of the Tankery division are off in a series of their own hair-brained adventures. Whether shopping for swimsuits, camping out or learning to do the Ankou Dance they are sure to do it with their own brand of flare. Then there's a deeper look behind the scenes with a crash course in the operations of the Oorai School Ship, a look in Yukari and Erwin's re..

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Girls Und Panzer - The Complete Series Blu-Ray

It's all fun and games until the tanks roll in...then it's just a blast! The students at Oarai Academy are bringing back a long forgotten subject that features guns! Dubbed as Tankery, the program studies the martial art of operating armoured tanks. Clearly this is not for the faint of heart and to join you'll need people as driven and enthusiastic as the tanks they'll need to control. Suffice to say the first students to become inducte..

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