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Tokyo Ghoul
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Tokyo Ghoul - Live Action DVD

Feature-length Japanese anime based on the manga by Sui Ishida. Shy boy Kaneki Ken (voice of Masataka Kubota) thinks his luck has come in when he gets a date with popular girl Kamishiro Raze (Yû Aoi). His luck changes very quickly however, as when they are in a quiet, secluded park Kamishiro attacks Kaneki and eats his flesh. As Kaneki comes to terms with the fact that he is now also a flesh-eating ghoul, he tries to make his way in the..

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Blu-Ray

All 12 episodes from the first season of the Japanese anime series. Set in Tokyo, the story follows college student Kanecki (voice of Natsuki Hanae) who is transformed into a half-ghoul after he is almost killed in an attack by a disguised ghoul he was on a date with. Shunned by his fellow humans, Kanecki is accepted by a group of ghouls who teach him about their culture and show him how to adapt to their ways, including his new need to..

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Tokyo Ghoul-Re Part 1 DVD

First six episodes of the Japanese anime, and sequel series to 'Tokyo Ghoul', set in Tokyo where half-ghoul Kanecki (voice of Natsuki Hanae) assumes a new identity, Haise Sasaki, following severe brain damage. Sasaki forms a group to protect like-minded individuals and to help rid Tokyo of its ghoul problem. Meanwhile, memories of his former life as Kanecki continue to haunt him. The episodes are: 'Start: Those Who Hunt', 'Member: Fragm..

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