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Allo Allo - The Christmas Specials DVD

Welcome to Nouvion in occupied France, and to Cafe Rene, where there are plenty of surprises in these Christmas Specials. With the war going badly for the Germans, the General has taken control, and nobody’s happy – not the resistance, the army, or the Gestapo. He must be eliminated, but how? With the pill in the till? The drug in the jug? Or maybe the gateau from the chateau? It’s Yvette, however, who drops the real bombshell, announci..

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Allo Allo Series 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD Out of Stock

Allo Allo Series 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD

The Cafe Rene, at the heart of the picturesque town of Nouvion in occupied France, is a hot-bed of war-time intrigue. Look around and you’ll see the Resistance, the Communists, the German army, the Gestapo, the Royal Air Force and one Officer Crabtree (sent from “British Ontelligence Headquitters”), all in various disguises. But just where is the painting of The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies by Van Clomp? There’s only one way to f..

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