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American Dad
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American Dad Season 1 DVD 3 to 4 Days

American Dad Season 1 DVD

From the delightfully twisted creative minds behind Family Guy comes American Dad, the animated tour de force featuring CIA operative Stan Smith, his outrageous family, and Roger, the alcoholic extra-terrestrial who lives with them! Follow the adventures of the Smiths from the California desert, where Stan's wife Francine relives her teenage years at the Burning Man Festival to Saudi Arabia, where the entire family is sentenced to death..

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American Dad Seasons 1 to 7 DVD

Defend your right to laugh out loud with this impressively immense American Dad! collection that’s bulging with pride and bursting at the seams! With all 7 outrageous volumes on 21 discs - that’s over 100 episodes, plus more special features than you can wave a flag at - it’s the ultimate weapon of mass distraction. So come join the party with Stan, Francine, Hayley, Steve, Roger and Klaus in American Dad!Special Features Audio Commen..

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