As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By
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As Time Goes By Series 1 to 4 DVD

In the early 1950s, Jean, a student nurse, and Lionel, a young army officer meet and fall in love. 38 years later, their paths cross again. Older and wiser, nevertheless they discover that though love has a different pace and priorities, the heat of old flames can still be rekindled. Includes all episodes from series 1 to 4 of this long-running romantic comedy...

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As Time Goes By Series 1 to 9 Complete Collection DVD

Every episode from all nine series of the romantic sitcom starring Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench as Lionel Hardcastle and Jean Pargetter, a couple who are reunited after being out of touch with each other for 38 years. Their brief romance in the early 1950s was cut short when Lionel was posted to the Korean War - but will things run more smoothly now that they are both older and wiser? Series 1 episodes are: 'You Must Remember This', '..

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