Catherine Cookson

Catherine Cookson
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Catherine Cookson - The Complete Collection (23 Films) DVD

Catherine Cookson was born Catherine McMullen in 1906. Her life began in poverty and she grew up believing her real mother was her sister. In a life that could have been taken from any of her own novels, Catherine aspired to achieve more than many of her time. From poverty to wealth she left the sadness behind to start a new life in Hastings where she was to meet her husband, Tom Cookson. As a form of therapy, Catherine began to write a..

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Catherine Cookson - The Mallen Curse DVD

Based on the best selling novels by Catherine Cookson, the saga of The Mallens is lavishly brought to the screen in this acclaimed, romantic and sizzling series. The romance between Barbara Mallen and Michael Radlet has floundered... or has it? Barbara enters into a loveless marriage with Dan Bensham whose family have owned High Banks Hall, the Mallens' old home since Thomas Mallen fell into financial ruin. When the senior Mrs Bensham p..

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Catherine Cookson - The Secret DVD

A tale of suspense and intrigue set amongst the atmospheric streets and riverside of 19th century Tyneside, 'The Secret' is based on Catherine Cookson's only thriller novel. Freddie Musgrave's life is in turmoil when a letter implicates him in murder. Further complications arise due to his feelings for his boss's foster daughter Belle, who is trapped within a loveless marriage to a madman. Starring Colin Buchanan (Dalziel and Pascoe), J..

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