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Lilyhammer Season 2 Blu-Ray

After sealing a bargain with the Feds back in New York, testifying against his "familys'" new boss and entering the witness protection programme, Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) is known to the inhabitants of Lillehammer as Johnny Henriksen. Frank's new life is going well. His club, the Flamingo, is a great success. He rules Lillehammer like a don, occasionally helping out locals with problems the law is unable to solve. His ex, Sigri..

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Lilyhammer Season 3 DVD

It's a brand new year for Frank and he starts it with a bang. But with a new year comes a whole host of new problems, including Lithuanian gangs, Brazilian drug cartels and the unexpected return of the self-exiled, Jan. Episodes: 1. Tiger Boy, 2. Foreign Affairs, 3. The Homecoming, 4. The Mind Is Like a Monkey, 5. Tommy, 6. The Minstrel Boy, 7. The Funeral, 8. Loose Ends...

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