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The Rockford
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The Rockford Files Season 1 Blu-Ray

All 23 episodes of the classic American television detective drama series, starring James Garner as Jim Rockford, the laid-back ex-con turned private investigator. In this season, a young man hires Jim to solve the murder of his parents, Jim helps a journalist track down her missing friend, and has difficulties delivering an inheritance to a young woman in Las Vegas. The episodes are: 'The Kirkoff Case', 'The Dark and Bloody Ground', 'T..

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The Rockford Files Seasons 1 to 6 Complete Boxset DVD

For only "two hundred dollars a day, plus expenses," the original and quintessential anti-hero detective, Jim Rockford, is on the case! Primetime Emmy Award-winner James Garner stars as the ex-con-turned-private-investigator who stays under the radar and takes on the cases of the lost and the dispossessed, chasing down seemingly long-dead clues in the sunbaked streets and steamy alleys of Los Angeles. And now, every episode from all six..

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