The Hello Kitty Collection DVD

The Hello Kitty Collection DVD
The Hello Kitty Collection DVD The Hello Kitty Collection DVD The Hello Kitty Collection DVD
Hello Kitty Goes to the Movies:
Hello Kitty goes out of this world to save "K.T. - The Kitty Terrestrial". Then, Kitty learns that there's no place like home, furry home in "The Wizard of Paws". And everybody loves Hello Kitty, even monsters! It's furry -tale fun with "Kitty and the Kong". Then, in "Cat Wars", Princess Kitty must save planet Caturn from the clawed clutches of Darth Catnip! Finally, Kitty's off to Catalina Island to save the beach ... in "Paws - The Great White Dog Shark".

Hello Kitty Saves the Day:
It's once upon a meow time as Hello Kitty flies to Never-Say-Never-Land to rescue Dinglebell from wicked Captain Claw in "Peter Penguin". Then, Kitty-Jane swings through trees to save Tar-Sam the ape-penguin in "Tar-Sam of the Jungle". In "Paws of the Round Table", Kitty helps King Arthur defeat a dragon and save Lady Bunnyvere. Then, it's off to Australia, as Kitty helps new pal "Crocodile Penguin" become a world wrestling champ! And in "Grinder Genie and the Magic Lamp", Kitty gets just three wishes to save Grandpa Kitty from the evil Sultaness Catnip!

Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess:
Curl up with Kitty's collection of happily-ever-after stories starting with "Cinderkitty". Cute, cuddly and caught in someone else's bed, it's "Kitty Locks and the Three Bears". Then, Kitty falls fast asleep under Witch Fangora's curse in "Sleeping Kitty". In "Kitty and the Beast", a furry-tale romance with sweet Hello Kitty brings peace to the beast. But, Kitty is too pretty so she's banished by Evil Queen Catnip... then makes a sweet new friend in "Snow White Kitty and the One Dwarf".

Hello Kitty Tells Fairy Tales:
It's fun with furry tales in five exciting Hello Kitty storybook adventures, starting with "Robin Penguin". In "Hello Mother Goose", Grinder Piper's pickled peppers are misplaced, and Catnip McMuffet's missing her tuffet. Then, one of Mamma Quackling's ducklings is quite an odd bird ... in "The Ugly Quackling". And, Hello Fairy transforms Grandpappetto Kitty's puppet into a real, live penguin ... in "Pinocchio Penguin". Finally, "Little Red Bunny Hood" heads to the Wild West to visit Grandma and runs into the Big Bad Wolf Grinder!

Hello Kitty Plays Pretend:
Pretending is purrfectly spooky fun when Kitty meets "The Phantom of the Theatre". In "Frankencat", Kitty befriends a sweet monster and tries to teach him not to be so scary. Then, it's crazy in Catsylvania! Catnip goes batty in "Catula"... until Kitty saves the day. In "The Pawed Piper", fleas make everybody grumpy, but can't stop a Kitty with a plan! Finally, It's happily ever after for Queen Kitty in "Rumpledogskin"...until a magic troll gets in the way.
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Stereo 2.0
Case TypeBoxset Amaray Slim
CastJennifer Darling, Tony Pope, Laura Summer, Melissa Fahn, Mike Coleman
DirectorTony Oliver
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time275

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