A Town Called Eureka

A Town Called Eureka
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A Town Called Eureka Seasons 1 to 5 Complete Collection DVD

All five seasons of the fantasy show set in the quirky town of Eureka. A secret haven for inventors aiming to provide the latest scientific breakthrough, Eureka buzzes with eccentricity and high-tech prototypes. Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is the town's odd one out. Rather than an inventor, Carter is a practical man who values simple ideas and straightforward solutions. These prove to be invaluable qualities in the madcap envir..

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A Town Called Eureka Season 4.5 DVD 3 to 4 Days

A Town Called Eureka Season 4.5 DVD

When has it ever been simple in Eureka? Our heroes continue to adjust to the cataclysmic changes in their personal lives following their trip through time back to 1947 when the resident geniuses are presented with a new challenge: mounting a multi-billion dollar space mission to Titan As scientists vie to be chosen for the 20-member crew, Carter (Colin Ferguson) has his hands full with security breaches, super acid and gravity issues, A..

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