Gozu DVD

Gozu DVD
Gozu DVD Gozu DVD
The plot of any Miike Takashi film is impossible to predict. Whether it be the deeply unsettling Audition, the manic Dead or Alive or the genre busting Happiness of the Katakuri's, there is always something that defies expectation. Gozu is no exception. Senior Yakuza, Ozaki, appears to be going mad. What began as minor eccentricities have become major problems endangering not only himself but also members of his brotherhood. There is only on option left to the boss - to dispose of him. He orders Minami to take Ozaki to the Yakuza disposal dump in Nagoya and to report to him once the job is done. On the way to Nagoya, Ozaki is killed accidentally. After Minami reports the news to his boss, he returns to the car to find that the body has gone. From here, we enter a surreal world of bizarre characters and unnatural goings-on, where the only people stranger than the lactating inn owner and the autistic spiritual medium are the mysterious cow-headed demon and the Yakuza who can't make love without a strategically placed ladle for added stimulation... if you thought you'd seen it all - think again.

Special Features
Anamorphic Presentation, Original Theatrical Trailer, 4-Page Booklet With Adele Hartley Film Notes
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
AudioJapanese Dolby Digital
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastSho Aikawa, Shohei Hino, Susumu Kimura, Tamio Kawaji, Masaya Kato, Kanpei Hazama, Kazuyoshi Ozawa, Keiko Tomita, Ken'ichi Endo, Kimika Yoshino, Harumi Sone, Hideki Sone, Hiroyuki Nagato, Hitoshi Ozawa, Renji Ishibashi
DirectorTakashi Miike
FormatIncludes - Booklet
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionDVD 2
Run Time130
Special Features

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