Grange Hill Series 7 to 8 DVD

Grange Hill Series 7 to 8 DVD
Grange Hill Series 7 to 8 DVD Grange Hill Series 7 to 8 DVD Grange Hill Series 7 to 8 DVD Grange Hill Series 7 to 8 DVD
Trouble is brewing as a merger between Grange Hill, Brookdale & Rodney Bennet looms large on the horizon. New pupils Luke 'Gonch' Gardner & Paul ‘Hollo’ Holloway cause havoc & the burning question this term…. does Mr Bronson wear a wig?

This boxed set features all 36 episodes from series 7 & 8, originally broadcast in 1984 and 1985. ALSO INCLUDED for the very first time – The 1981 Christmas Special Episode (First broadcast 28th December 1981 – pre series 5)

Grange Hill Series 7 synopsis - First broadcast on 3rd January 1984

It’s a new term & Zammo has a girlfriend (Jackie Wright) who goes to rival school Brookdale. Well-meaning pupil Janet makes it her mission to help Roland, but he finds her constant nagging irritating. A poolside prank during a swimming lesson has fatal consequences. N3’s countryside orienteering course descends into panic as Roland & Mr Baxter get hopelessly lost. Miss Gordon’s Art club experiences a flurry of new recruits (including Pogo Patterson) as news spreads about a nude model. The term ends with a School Disco where Mrs McClusky slow dances with Mr McGuffy.

Grange Hill Series 8 synopsis - First broadcast on 18th February 1985

Grange Hill has now merged with Rodney Bennett & Brookdale causing tensions to rise; can Mrs McClusky & new Deputy Head Teacher Mr Bronson keep order? A love triangle develops as Stewpot two-times Claire with Annette; Zammo & Jackie hit a rough patch as Banksie arrives on the scene. French exchange students visit & Roland finds a friend in Fabienne. Entrepreneurial pupil pairing ‘Gonch’ & ‘Hollo’ devise a number of ill-fated money-making schemes during the term & Mr Bronson’s wig goes missing…

DVD EXTRA Feature: 1981 Christmas Special Episode

It’s the end of term School Disco & Tucker sees the event as an opportunity to make some money. All seems well until some pupils from Brookdale crash the party & attempt to steal both the takings & the Disco itself! Fortunately, Tucker, Benny, Alan & Tommy see what’s going on & step in to save the day. As the punches fly even arch-enemy Michael Doyle steps in to help the lads; flippin ‘eck it must be Christmas!!

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