Hallelujah - The Complete Series DVD

Hallelujah - The Complete Series DVD
The complete series of the 1980s ITV sitcom starring Thora Hird as indefatigable Salvation Army Captain Emily Ridley.
Written by Dick Sharples and co-starring Patsy Rowlands and Geoffrey Bayldon, the series follows Emily as she attempts to bring her own unique brand of salvation to the quiet little Yorkshire town of Brigthorpe.
Episodes are: 'The Anniversary', 'The Arrangement', 'The Exchange', 'The Visit', 'The Proposal', 'The Rivals', 'The Wedding', 'Retirement', 'Repentance', 'Counselling', 'Poor Box', 'Luncheon Club', 'Mobile Canteen', 'Struck Down', 'Marching Orders', 'Just a Song at Twilight', 'Holy Deadlock', 'The Snake Pit: Part 1', 'The Snake Pit: Part 2', 'Rock Bottom', 'It Happened One Night' and 'A Goose for Mrs. Scratchitt'.

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