Hannibal Brooks DVD

Hannibal Brooks DVD
Comedy adventure directed by Michael Winner and starring Oliver Reed, Michael J. Pollard and Wolfgang Preiss. British prisoner of war Stephen Brooks (Reed) meets an American captive named Packy (Pollard) while being transported to Germany. Packy is determined to escape his captors and the concerns raised by Brooks, chiefly that those who escape are killed when captured again, do nothing to dissuade him. Brooks is assigned to work at a zoo in Munich, caring for Lucy the elephant. After a bombing raid devastates the zoo it is decided that the animals and staff will be evacuated, but the train meant to take Lucy and Brooks to Innsbruck in Austria is commandeered by an SS squad. Left with no other choice, Brooks begins an arduous trek into the Alps on foot, accompanied by two soldiers and a maid.

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Tags: 1960s