High Fliers

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13 Hrs Blu-Ray

From the Producers of Dog Soldiers, 13 Hrs stars some of the hottest young British talent in one of ..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

ARN - Knight Templar Blu-Ray

In this lavish historical epic - set in the Middle Ages - Arn, the knightly son of a Swedish noblema..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Blue Velvet - Special Edition Blu-Ray

Returning home to visit his father who is in intensive care at the hospital, Jeffrey Beaumont stumbl..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Brake Blu-Ray

Special agent Jeremy Reins (Stephen Dorff) is about to have a very bad day. He wakes up in total dar..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

City Of Life And Death Blu-Ray

Nanjing, China 1937. Japanese forces invade this once-capital of the Republic of China on December 9..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Conan The Destroyer Blu-Ray

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as Conan, the warrior king in this thrilling tale of swords and sorcer..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Detective Harrigan Blu-Ray

In a northern city in 1974 law and order has broken down and the community seems to be falling apart..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Dune / Blue Velvet Blu-Ray

Dune: Travel to a time and place beyond your imagination with this theatrical edition of David Lynch..

£29.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Dune Blu-Ray

Travel to a time and place beyond your imagination with this theatrical edition of David Lynch's epi..

£21.59 Ex Tax: £17.99

Find Me Guilty Blu-Ray

Find Me Guilty tells the true story of mobster Jack DiNorscio and the longest mafia trial in U.S. hi..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

In The Electric Mist Blu-Ray

New Iberia, Louisiana. Detective Dave Robicheaux (Tommy Lee Jones) is on the hunt for a serial kille..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Injustice Blu-Ray

When a nurse is attacked by a violent patient with an infected needle and contracts a fatal disease,..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Love Blu-Ray

After losing contact with earth, astronaut Lee Miller becomes stranded in orbit alone aboard an inte..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Morning Star Warrior Blu-Ray

After years spent fighting pitch battles against hordes of bloodthirsty enemy warriors, a soldier mu..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Passchendaele Blu-Ray

The Battle of Passchendaele, or Third Battle of Ypres was one of the major battles of World War I an..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Pound Of Flesh Blu-Ray

In China to donate his kidney to his dying niece, Deacon (Van Damme), a former black-ops agent awake..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Reasonable Doubt Blu-Ray

After being involved in a fatal hit and run incident Assistant DA Mitch Brody (Dominic Cooper) must ..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Sinbad - The Fifth Voyage Blu-Ray

Sinbad is in love with the Sultan's daughter, Firoozeh, despite the disapproval of her father. When ..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99