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Penthouse North Blu-Ray

It's New Year's Eve in New York City and everyone's getting ready to party. Watching, waiting, a man called Hollander (Michael Keaton) has a different kind of party in mind. Alone in her high-rise apartment, Sara (Michelle Monaghan) has no idea that her boyfriend was a thief. But what he stole - and from whom - is about to put her life on the line. trapped in the penthouse with Hollander and his sadistic partner, these two will kill, ma..

£8.30 Ex Tax: £6.92

Scavengers Blu-Ray

In a forgotten corner of the universe, a battle is raging that threatens our very existence. Our future lies in the hands of Scavengers. The crew of the Starship Revelator survive by keeping out of trouble, until they stumble across the mechanics of ultimate destruction. A rival ship has it in their sights, and they will stop at nothing to master a power that could destroy the universe. The fight for the future is on - a battle against ..

£7.60 Ex Tax: £6.33