Ironside Season 1 DVD

Ironside Season 1 DVD
All 28 episodes from season one of the classic US cop show, following the cases of wheelchair-bound chief of detectives Robert T.
Ironside (Raymond Burr). Paralysed by a sniper's bullet, the San Francisco Police Department's top detective is now head of his own special unit, ably assisted by sergeant Ed Brown (Don Galloway), policewoman Barbara Anderson (Eve Whitfield), and African-American ex-con Don Mitchell (Mark Sanger).
Episodes comprise: 'Message from Beyond', 'The Leaf in the Forest', 'Dead Man's Tale', 'Eat, Drink and Be Buried', 'The Taker', 'An Inside Job', 'Tagged for Murder', 'Let My Brother Go', 'Light at the End of the Journey', 'The Monster of Comus Towers', 'The Man Who Believed', 'A Very Cool Hot Car', 'The Past Is Prologue', 'Girl in the Night', 'The Fourteenth Runner', 'Force of Arms', 'Memory of an Ice Cream Stick', 'To Kill a Cop', 'The Lonely Hostage', 'The Challenge', 'All in a Day's Work', 'Something for Nothing', 'Barbara Who', 'Perfect Crime', 'Officer Bobby', 'Trip to Hashbury', 'Due Process of the Law' and 'Return of the Hero'.

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