Its Garry Shandlings Show Season 1 DVD

Its Garry Shandlings Show Season 1 DVD
All 16 episodes from the first season of the 1980s American sitcom.
Offering a surreal depiction of the daily life of a young comedian, the series follows a larger-than-life version of Garry as he repeatedly fails to form a lasting relationship with a woman, interacts with his eccentric apartment block neighbours and runs a comedy show out of his living room.
Episodes are: 'The Day Garry Moved In', 'Grant Gets Broken', 'Garry Throws a Surprise Party', 'Foul Ball', 'The Graduate', 'It's Garry's Shandling's Problem, But It's Jo-Jo's Show', 'Garry Met a Girl Named Maria', 'Grant's Date', 'Pete Has an Affair', 'Fate', 'The Morning After', 'Sarah', 'Laffie', 'Dial L for Laundry', 'Dinner With Garry' and 'Force Boxman'.

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