Abbott & Costello - Jack And The Beanstalk / Africa Screams DVD

Abbott & Costello - Jack And The Beanstalk / Africa Screams DVD
Jack And The Beanstalk: This classic fairy tale gets the full Abbott and Costello treatment, as the zany duo take on a babysitting job. Jack (Lou Costello) starts reading 'Jack and the beanstalk' to a youngster he is looking after but can't pronounce the big workds. The boy soon takes over the reading duties. Jack soon falls asleep and is transported to a magical world. Jack trades his cow to the village butcher (Bud Abbott) for five magic beans, and plants them in this yard at home, awaking the next day to find a giant beanstalk reaching into the skies. Jack and the Butcher climb the beanstalk in search of the hen that lays the golden eggs, and the talking harp, but along the way have to rescue the Prince and Princess from the evil giant. Africa Screams: The celebrated comedy double act Bud Abbot and Lou Costello are on peak form in this crazy foray into the jungle. Transported from the city to the African jungle, our unlikely heroes lead an expedition in search of hidden diamonds. When bookseller Buzz (Bud Abbott) cons Diana (Hillary Brooke) into thinking fellow bookseller Stanley (Lou Costello) knows a great deal about Africa, they are abducted and ordered by Diana to lead her and her henchmen to an African tribe. Giant apes, a cannibal tribe abd ab over amorous orang-utan pack more laughs into this 1949 classic starring Lou Castello and Bud Abbott at their best, accompanied by a host of guest stars that include Max and Buddy Baer, Shemp Howard and Joe Besser.
Aspect RatioNot Specified
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastClyde Beatty,Frank Buck,Bud Abbott,Lou Costello,Max Baer
ColourBlack & White
DirectorJean Yarbrough,Charles T. Barton
RegionDVD 0
Run Time166

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