Jericho Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Decisive Boxset DVD

Jericho Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Decisive Boxset DVD
Jericho Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Decisive Boxset DVD Jericho Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Decisive Boxset DVD
Jericho: The Decisive Boxset is the highly acclaimed drama legions of devoted fans are "nuts" about. After a mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, the citizens of a small, peaceful Kansas town find themselves cut off from the rest of the world. Isolated, frightened and struggling amongst themselves - along with violent rival sects - some struggle to survive while others emerge to become unlikely heroes. Includes a Bonus Disc loaded with Special Features. Episode The First Season 1. Pilot: The First Seventeen Hours 2. Fallout 3. Four Horsemen 4. Walls Of Jericho 5. Federal Response 6. 9:02 7. Long Live The Mayor 8. Rogue River 9. Crossroads 10. Red Flag 11. Vox Populi 12. The Day Before 13. Black Jack 14. Heart Of Winter 15. Semper Fidelis 16. Winter's End 17. One Man's Terrorist 18. A.K.A. 19. Casus Belli 20. One If By Land 21. Coalition Of The Willing 22. Why We Fight The Second Season 1. Reconstruction 2. Condor 3. Jennings & Rall 4. Oversight 5. Termination For Cause 6. Sedition 7. Patriots And Tyrants Special Features Season 1 – Building Jericho, What If?, Deleted Scenes, Audio Commentaries, Season 2 – Rebuilding Jericho, Nut Job, Deleted Scenes, Audio Commentaries, Patriots And Tyrants – Alternate Unaired Ending, Segment From Series Finale, Bonus Disc – Tick Tick Boom, Behind The Scenes 'Thank You', 100 Reasons To Watch Jericho, Table Read, Napalm Action Sequence (from Season 2), Train Crash Sequence (from Season 2), Cast Members' Memorable Moments,
Released 2010-08-30
Discs 9
Year Of Release 2008
Director Jon Turtletaub,Martha Mitchell,Sanford Bookstaver,James Whitmore Jr,Guy Bee
Cast Alicia Coppola,April Parker-Jones,Ashley Scott,Bob Stephenson,Brad Beyer,Brian Tee,John M Jackson,Kenneth Mitchell,Lennie James,Jazz Raycole,Pamela Reed,Richard Speight Jr,Dominic Hoffman,Esai Morales,Geno Monteiro,Gerald McRaney,Chris Kramer,Clare Carey,David Huddleston,David Meunier,Skeet Ulrich,Sprague Grayden,Sterling Ardrey
HOH (Hard of Hearing) Yes
Audio English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Surround, English Stereo
Run Time 1238
Special Features

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