Justice - The Complete Series DVD

Justice - The Complete Series DVD
Justice - The Complete Series DVD Justice - The Complete Series DVD
All the episodes from the 1970s ITV legal drama starring Margaret Lockwood as a feisty and dedicated female barrister.
Harriet Peterson (Lockwood) has proven ability in her field and is more than capable of combating the professional male chauvinism she is faced with on a daily basis as she represents her clients.
Her tumultuous personal life, on the other hand, occasionally threatens to derail her cases.
Series 1 episodes are: 'The Most Important Thing of All', 'By Order of the Magistrates', 'Witnesses Cost Extra', 'The Rain It Raineth', 'Within a Year and a Day', 'To Help an Old School Friend', 'No Flowers, By Request', 'When Did You First Feel the Pain?', 'A Nice Straightforward Treason', 'People Have Too Many Rights', 'You Didn't Have to Pay for Justice', 'A License to Print Your Own Money' and 'A Duty to the Court'.
Series 2 episodes are: 'Conspiracy', 'Malicious Damage', 'A Libel Among Friends', 'The Whole Truth?', 'One for the Road', 'Divorce', 'After All, What Is a Lie?', 'Harriet Peterson Versus Dr. Moody', 'For Those in Peril', 'Dummy Scoular Against the Crown', 'Nobody's That Good', 'Covenant for Quiet Enjoyment' and 'Trespass to the Person'.
Series 3 episodes are: 'Trial for Murder', 'The Price of Innocence', 'Duty of Care', 'Growing Up', 'The Very Fine Line of Duty', 'It's Always a Gamble', 'Matrimonial Malice', 'Persona Non Grata', 'Twice the Legal Limit', 'Under Suspicion', 'Decisions, Decisions', 'Point of Death' and 'Collision Course'.

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