Legion Of Super-Heroes DVD

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Legion Of Super-Heroes DVD
Legion Of Super-Heroes DVD Legion Of Super-Heroes DVD Legion Of Super-Heroes DVD
Devastated by the loss of her mother and home planet of Krypton, Supergirl, aka Kara Zor-El, struggles to adjust to her new life on Earth despite being mentored by her cousin Superman. Taking her cousin’s advice, Supergirl leaves their space-time to attend the Legion Academy…in the 31st century. There, she quickly makes new friends, as well as a new enemy with old ties: Brainiac 5. But a nefarious plot lurks in the shadows – the mysterious group known as the Dark Circle seeks a powerful weapon held in the academy’s vault. Find out if Supergirl and her new teammates can rise to the challenge in this thrilling DC Universe Movie!
CastMeg Donnelly, Harry Shum Jr., Jensen Ackles, Gideon Adlon, Matt Bomer, Darren Criss, Robbie Daymond, Darin De Paul, Ben Diskin, Victoria Grace
DirectorJeff Wamester, Butch Lukic, Josie Campbell, Sam Register
Run Time80

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