Medium Season 1 DVD

Medium Season 1 DVD
When the dead seek justice, they seek one woman. From the creator of Moonlighting comes the hit suspense series starring Patricia Arquette in an Emmy Award-winning portrayal of a woman haunted by visions of murder. Every day, Allison DuBois wonders if her psychic power is a gift... or a curse. As a consultant to law enforcement, she uses her mind to uncover the dark secrets of vicious killers. The risks to her life are enormous. The strain threatens her family. But how can she refuse to listen when the dead cry out for justice? Experience all the nerve-wracking suspense and heart-touching drama in this four-disc set that includes all 16 thrilling episodes of Medium: The First Season.
Pilot (Network Version): Wife, mother, and psychic Allison DuBois can communicate with the dead and is convinced she can use her gift to help solve crimes. She's put to the test when she gets a call from the Texas Rangers., Suspicions and certainties - Now working for Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval), Allison is brought in to help with jury selection in order to help convict a killer. But later, she worries the police may have the wrong man.
A couple of choices: As Joe (Jake Weber) wonders how to plan a surprise party for his psychic wife, Allison is partnered with Detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) in order to hunt down a serial killer targeting young newlyweds.
Night of the wolf: Her dream of being chased by a wolf starts to make sense when Allison hears the witness to a murder give an inaccurate description to a sketch artist. Daughter Bridget (Maria Lark) announces she has a new friend... a boy who died five years ago.
In sickness and adultery: Not only does Devalos want Allison to perjure herself on the witness stand, but a psychic warns her that there is trouble brewing in her marriage.
Coming Soon: Allison is positive that a solid citizen is actually a serial killer haunting her dreams. And she and husband Joe prepare for the fact that she might be pregnant.
Jump Start: Allison is surprised when a girl who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff turns out to have been blackmailing an attorney... the same lawyer who tried to expose Allison's gift in court.
Lucky: Relieved that her brother Michael is safe and back from military service in Afghanistan, Allison wonders whether he can also communicate with the dead.
Coded: Joe and Allison are concerned that eldest daughter Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) may have inherited her mother's gift. Her recurring dream of a young girl being held captive in a castle turns out to have a basis in fact.
The other side of the tracks: A professor specializing in paranormal phenomena tells Allison that her dream of two boys running toward railroad tracks happened to him and his late brother... a boy believed murdered, but who Allison thinks is still alive.
I married a mind reader: After becoming obsessed with a television show from the 1960s called "I married a mind reader," Allison imagines herself involved in the real-life murder that occurred behind the scenes.
A priest, a doctor and a medium walk into an execution chamber: Although they witnessed the execution of a convicted drug lord, Allison and the police are shocked to discover his "ghost" may have murdered his girlfriend... a murder caught on camera.
Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow: If she implicates a cocky airline pilot in his wife's murder, Allison is terrified that the plane he is scheduled to fly may crash.
In the Rough: When Joe's mother comes to visit, Allison is visited by the ghost of Joe's father. A murderer Scanlan and Devalos sent to prison years ago may go free if Allison reveals the truth about his case.
Penny for your thoughts: Allison does battle with an evil spirit from the past who takes over the minds of doctors. Meanwhile, Ariel's math teacher accuses her of cheating.
When push comes to shove Part 1: Captain Push, who Allison met in Texas, comes to Phoenix in order to help the police find a serial killer. But Allison is concerned when he has a health crisis and surprisingly appears in her dreams.
Aspect Ratio1.78:1
AudioEnglish 5.1 Dolby Digital, French Surround
Case TypeAmaray Special
CastFrank Alvarez,Frank Wood,Hunter Brochu,Jake Weber,Jamil Walker Smith,Scott Rabinowitz,Sofia Vassilieva,Brent Jennings,Christian Hutcherson,Conor O'Farrell,David Cubitt,John Paxton,Ken Kerman,Kendahl King,Lawrence Pressman,Madison Carabello,Maria Lark,Miguel Sandoval,Patricia Arquette,Paul Schackman,Terry Woodberry,Tina DiJoseph,Wayne King,April Grace,Arliss Howard
DirectorAaron Lipstadt,Peter Werner,Vincent Misiano,Glenn Gordon Caron
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 2
Run Time658

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