Medium Seasons 1 to 7 Complete Collection DVD

Medium Seasons 1 to 7 Complete Collection DVD
Medium Seasons 1 to 7 Complete Collection DVD Medium Seasons 1 to 7 Complete Collection DVD Medium Seasons 1 to 7 Complete Collection DVD
From the creator of Moonlighting comes the hit suspense series starring Patricia Arquette in an Emmy Award-winning portrayal of a woman haunted by visions of murder. Every day, Allison DuBois wonders if her psychic power is a gift... or a curse. As a consultant to law enforcement, she uses her mind to uncover the dark secrets of vicious killers. The risks to her life are enormous. The strain threatens her family. But how can she refuse to listen when the dead cry out for justice? Experience all the nerve-wracking suspense and heart-touching drama in this four-disc set that includes all 16 thrilling episodes of Medium:
The First Season: EPISODES:
Pilot (Network Version): Wife, mother, and psychic Allison DuBois can communicate with the dead and is convinced she can use her gift to help solve crimes. She's put to the test when she gets a call from the Texas Rangers.
Suspicions And Certainties: Now working for Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval), Allison is brought in to help with jury selection in order to help convict a killer. But later, she worries the police may have the wrong man.
A Couple Of Choices: As Joe (Jake Weber) wonders how to plan a surprise party for his psychic wife, Allison is partnered with Detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) in order to hunt down a serial killer targeting young newlyweds.
Night Of The Wolf: Her dream of being chased by a wolf starts to make sense when Allison hears the witness to a murder give an inaccurate description to a sketch artist. Daughter Bridget (Maria Lark) announces she has a new friend... a boy who died five years ago.
In Sickness And Adultery: Not only does Devalos want Allison to perjure herself on the witness stand, but a psychic warns her that there is trouble brewing in her marriage.
Coming Soon: Allison is positive that a solid citizen is actually a serial killer haunting her dreams. And she and husband Joe prepare for the fact that she might be pregnant. Jump Start: Allison is surprised when a girl who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff turns out to have been blackmailing an attorney... the same lawyer who tried to expose Allison's gift in court.
Lucky: Relieved that her brother Michael is safe and back from military service in Afghanistan, Allison wonders whether he can also communicate with the dead.
Coded: Joe and Allison are concerned that eldest daughter Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) may have inherited her mother's gift. Her recurring dream of a young girl being held captive in a castle turns out to have a basis in fact.
The Other Side Of The Tracks: A professor specializing in paranormal phenomena tells Allison that her dream of two boys running toward railroad tracks happened to him and his late brother... a boy believed murdered, but who Allison thinks is still alive.
I Married A Mind Reader: After becoming obsessed with a television show from the 1960s called "I Married A Mind Reader," Allison imagines herself involved in the real-life murder that occurred behind the scenes.
A Priest, A Doctor And A Medium Walk Into An Execution Chamber: Although they witnessed the execution of a convicted drug lord, Allison and the police are shocked to discover his "ghost" may have murdered his girlfriend... a murder caught on camera. Being Mrs. O'leary's Cow: If she implicates a cocky airline pilot in his wife's murder, Allison is terrified that the plane he is scheduled to fly may crash.
In The Rough: When Joe's mother comes to visit, Allison is visited by the ghost of Joe's father. A murderer Scanlan and Devalos sent to prison years ago may go free if Allison reveals the truth about his case.
Penny For Your Thoughts: Allison does battle with an evil spirit from the past who takes over the minds of doctors. Meanwhile, Ariel's math teacher accuses her of cheating.
When Push Comes To Shove Part 1: Captain Push, who Allison met in Texas, comes to Phoenix in order to help the police find a serial killer. But Allison is concerned when he has a health crisis and surprisingly appears in her dreams.
In Season 2 of the acclaimed drama, Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette continues to give “the best, most honest and most captivating… performance by a woman in television” (L.A. Weekly). Her visions get stronger as she works to solve crimes and protect the innocent. With her unique gift, Allison DuBois can see the future and converse with the dead. This season, her dreams send her on the trail of missing coeds, anti-terrorists agents and serial killers. But her ultimate challenge comes when she confronts an unexpected force… the Angel of Death (Kelsey Grammer). She still sees what others can't. And her visions only get stronger with time. 
When Push Comes To Shove Part 2: With Captain Push in a coma, Allison is visited by the ghost of his father, who offers clues in the search for the serial killer. Joe sees a shrink in order to deal with his wife's job.
The Song Remains The Same: A song that Allison literally cannot get out of her head leads her to search for a missing co-ed. And Allison and her daughter Bridgette both have the same dream...about their plane crashing.
Time Out Of Mind: Her dream that she is a psychiatric patient from the 1950s becomes all too real when Allison views vintage film footage of a woman who calls herself...Allison Dubious.
Light Sleeper: While Allison's recent bout of sleepwalking may leave her tired and her bank account empty, it also provides valuable clues in a kidnapping case. 
Sweet Dreams: A recurrent dream of her high-school friend who disappeared seems to be connected to the case Allison is working on with Detective Scanlon - the disappearance of a councilman's daughter.
Dead Aim: Not only is Allison dreaming about a massacre at the D.A.'s office, she comes to find out that a defendant's attorney is also using a psychic...and winning the case against her boss.
Judge, Jury & Executioner: The D.A. is prosecuting a charismatic man who may have murdered his wife for her millions, but Allison can't discuss the case with Joe. He's serving on the jury!
Too Close To Call: If the crime in Allison's dream actually occurs, it could have a disastrous effect on the outcome of Devalos's re-election bid. Meanwhile, Joe runs into an old girlfriend who needs his help.
Still Life: When Allison looks at an artist's paintings, her visions regarding the death of a murder victim spring to life. The ghost of Joe's father appears to Allison with career advice for his son.
The Reckoning: Ariel tells fortunes for fun at a slumber party, but gets scared when it looks like one of her friends may die. And a woman haunted by guilt is causing Allison to dream about a hit-and-run accident.
Method To His Madness: Allison takes on certain characteristics of a psychotic murderer. But even after he dies, he stays in her head, frightening Joe and the girls.
Doctor's Orders: The ghost of the serial killer Dr. Walker is back in Allison's life. And now it looks like he is after her daughter Ariel!
Raising Cain: A little boy is kidnapped and left for dead. But when new evidence points towards his mother, Allison wonders if the woman was trying to stop her son from committing evil acts in the future.
A Changed Man: When Allison gets a minor concussion and has an MRI, she meets a man who may have murdered a missing girl. But then he introduces Allison to her, and not only is she alive...she's his wife!
Sweet Child O' Mine: After dreaming about her miscarried child, Allison develops maternal feelings for a teenage boy who is accused of murder. Joe worries about letting Bridget keep a stray dog.
Allison Wonderland: After she helps her boss find the brother of a close friend, Allison has visions of his death and needs Joe's help to decode his messages. Bridget appears to be communicating with a dead author.
Lucky In Love: Allison is surprised when her brother Michael shows up in Phoenix and gets romantically involved with a young woman who needs his help to settle a score.
S.O.S.: After Joe finds the body of a dead girl during a family outing, Allison decides it's time to explain to Bridget and Ariel what it is she does for a living.
Knowing Her: Scanlon is forced to come clean to Allison about his past when three drug mules are found murdered and Allison's visions connect him to their deaths.
The Darkness Is Light Enough: Allison dreams of a blind woman whose apartment is repeatedly broken into by a faceless man. Meanwhile, Joe feels threatened by a young colleague at work.
Death Takes A Policy: While investigating the accidental death of a doctor, the Angel of Death begins appearing to Allison, who then becomes concerned about her own mortality.
Twice Upon A Time: A murder trial has a strange effect on Allison. She dreams of a life without Joe and the girls, working as a powerful attorney and married to her childhood sweetheart.
In the hit "unreality show" starring Patricia Arquette, Allison DuBois is a woman haunted by dreams who helps District Attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) and detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) by using her mind to uncover the dark secrets of vicious killers. But this season, other forces threaten her husband Joe (Jake Weber) and oldest daughters Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark). But how can she refuse to listen to the dead when they call out to her in her dreams? Experience all the drama and psychic energy in this 6-disc set, which includes all 21 episodes of Medium: The Third Season!
Four Dreams (Parts 1 & 2): As Allison and her daughter Bridgette start having different dreams about the same murder, the ghost of Allison’s old boyfriend appears. Bridgette’s dreams now make sense to Allison, as does her old boyfriend’s ghost. And Devalos's health and Scanlon's love life both suffer.
Be Kind, Rewind: Allison keeps living the same day repeatedly through her dreams, but each time finds important clues concerning a looming hostage situation at a restaurant.
Blood Relations: While trying to save a victim from her nemesis, the murderous Dr. Walker from the past, Allison discovers how his killings started.
Ghost In The Machine: After Allison gets Joe a camcorder for his birthday, her excitement turns to dread when she starts seeing disturbing images through it connected to a murder case.
Profiles In Terror: A famous FBI profiler everyone idolises is challenged by Allison. And Joe worries when his youngest daughter Marie starts staring at the static on TV.
Mother’s Little Helper: Allison and Ariel dream about the double murder of a mother and daughter – Allison from the mother’s point of view, and Ariel from her daughter’s.
The Whole Truth: The death of an assemblyman has Allison perplexed, but she suspects it’s connected to a boy who fell into a massive hole, and who can’t get out.
Better Off Dead: A ghost is glad that he was killed, since he got to leave insurance money to the pretty neighbour he was in love with. But Allison sees a different scenario.
Very Merry Maggie: Allison has disturbing visions about a father abusing his young son, who owns a talking doll that delivers sinister messages.
Apocalypse, Push: Captain Push returns when he experiences visions about a murder in Phoenix. And Joe tells a little white lie to Bridgette ... and later regrets it.
The One Behind The Wheel: With Valentine’s Day looming, Joe asks Scanlon for help when a mysterious woman named Sandra takes possession of Allison’s body.
Second Opinion: Allison has a dream that in the future Marie dies of leukemia, so she’s determined to keep to her youngest daughter safe at all costs.
We Had A Dream: Allison predicts a plane crash before it occurs. And it just happens to help a psychic escape from prison...since he also predicted it!
The Boy Next Door: A teenage Allison dreams of the future, where a boy who moved in next door grows up to be a predator the adult Allison encounters.
Whatever Possessed You: While Joe is hoping to head an important project at work, Allison has been having disturbing dreams about a young woman who appears to be possessed by demons.
Joe Day Afternoon: The dreadful feeling that Allison and Ariel both experience comes true when Joe and co-workers are held at gunpoint by a disgruntled ex-employee.
1-900-Lucky: A wealthy woman, who uses Allison’s irresponsible brother Michael as a phone psychic, flies him to Phoenix to help solve her husband’s murder.
No One To Watch Over Me: As Joe grows more distant since the hostage crisis. Allison dreams of a blizzard, a clue to a young girl left to die in a freezer.
Head Games: Allison may have been wrong about a man accused of cutting off his wife’s head. Meanwhile, her new friend Debra is more than curious about her job.
Heads Will Roll: As Joe considers suing his company. Allison divulges secrets to warn Debra about the serial killer, but is shocked to find out Debra has secrets of her own.
Everything Comes To A Head: Now that Allison’s psychic abilities have been revealed to the public, no one will listen to her. So she must find a way to catch the serial killer on her own.
Patricia Arquette stars as psychic Allison Dubois, the Phoenix wife and mother who struggles to make sense of her dreams. This season, Allison's world is turned upside down when her abilities are revealed to the public. Her boss, Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval), is ousted from office, and detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) won't return her calls. But as she and husband Joe (Jake Weber) - also newly unemployed - struggle to survive and care for toddler Marie and eldest daughters Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark), Allison knows one thing - her dreams will never fail her! Relive all the thrills and chills of every episode of Medium: The Fourth Season!
And Then: Allison loses her job after her psychic abilities are revealed to the public, but then meets a tough female investigator. A jobless Joe looks for work.
But For The Grace Of God: As daughter Ariel dreams of Allison's teen years, Allison is hired by investigator Cynthia Keener to help find a missing teenage girl.
To Have And To Hold: After Joe and Allison attend a party at a prospective employer's house, Allison is asked to help find the man's soon-to-be-married missing daughter.
Do You Hear What I Hear: Just as Allison temporarily loses her hearing, Cynthia Keener negotiates for a wealthy couple after their young deaf daughter is kidnapped.
Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble: A defence attorney who was Allison's longtime nemesis asks her to consult for him. But later Allison dreams that his client is guilty of murder.
Aftertaste: Manuel Devalos tries to regain his old job, but Allison has visions of his strongest supporter involved in a conspiracy. And Bridgette has dreams of a creditor.
Burn Baby Burn (Part 1): Joe's mother pays a surprise visit - and has a secret for Allison. Devalos and Lee Scanlon are now on opposite sides of an arson-related murder.
Burn Baby Burn (Part 2): Allison's visions of a deadly dentist seem to link the arson-murder case with Ariel's prediction of the death of a classmate's mother.
Wicked Game (Part 1): While working to locate a missing girl, Allison dreams about Cynthia Keener's own missing daughter. Bridgette's science project inspires Joe to invent.
Wicked Game (Part 2): As Allison and Cynthia investigate the kidnapping of Cynthia's daughter, Bridgette is convinced she can help find the money for her father's new invention.
Lady Killer: Allison dreams of an older seductress who attracts and then murders young men. Later, she becomes disturbed by a contributor at a fundraiser for Devalos.
Partners In Crime: While an attractive venture capitalist shows interest in Joe's invention, Allison is asked to work with a legendary FBI profiler, who she suspects of murder.
A Cure For What Ails You: A woman dies after taking a popular pain reliever, but Allison's dreams indicate that her husband poisoned her. Joe frets over not having health insurance.
Car Trouble: After Allison's old car dies, Joe surprises her with a new one that appears to be haunted. Allison finally meets Meghan Doyle, Joe's new business partner.
Being Joey Carmichael: While trying to help Scanlon locate a charming killer, Allison dreams of the killer's twin brother. Joe's business partner jeopardises their relationship.
Drowned World: As Joe tries to dissolve his business partnership, Allison is hired to determine if a house is haunted. Meanwhile, Devalos receives unexpected news about his career.
Patricia Arquette returns as Allison Dubois, the psychic mum who tries to balance her challenging career with her family life at home. This season, a sense of order is restored when Allison returns to work with D.A. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) and detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt). Plus, her husband Joe (Jake Weber) sets up his own company, funded by a multimillionaire. But it’s Allison’s daughter Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) – more than her younger sister Bridgette (Maria Lark) – who has trouble accepting the gift she inherited from her mother. This season, unsettling visions about school and boys trouble this psychic teen. In this 5-disc set of Medium: The Fifth Season – which includes all 18 episodes – Allison’s life at home can be just as baffling as any police case.
Soul Survivor: Allison is assigned to a case where a woman's late husband appears to inhabit the body of her current one. Young Bridgette draws naked pictures of her teacher.
Things To Do In Phoenix When You're Dead: When a man brutally kills a woman and dumps her body, the only witness to the crime is a ghost. Meanwhile, an artificial baby has a strange effect on Ariel.
A Person Of Interest: As Joe welcomes a new employee, Allison's latest case causes her to develop an overwhelming urge to build something dangerous in their garage.
...About Last Night: Allison wakes up in a strange neighbourhood with her car missing - and six hours she can't account for. Teaching Ariel to drive frustrates Joe.
A Taste Of Her Own Medicine: As Devalos celebrates his reinstatement, a councilman asks for help locating his daughter. Allison dreams of baby news for Scanlon and keeps Joe up all night.
Apocalypse...Now?: Ariel develops a crush on her new study partner. And Allison dreams of a nuclear holocaust, which she later ties to a mass murder case.
A Necessary Evil: The ghost of Agent Cooper offers to help solve a crime, but Allison suspects an ulterior motive. Joe's boss forces him to hire someone untrustworthy.
Truth Be Told: Allison develops a knack for spotting lies. So when a young couple is murdered - and Joe is sued for stealing an idea - she puts her new ability to the test.
All In The Family: Joe gets a surprise visit from his sister - and the ghost of his father. Allison helps search for a missing mother whose children have a bizarre relationship.
Then ... And Again: After she and Devalos are gunned down, Allison wakes up five years in the past. Now she must convince her boss to change his mind about a murder conviction.
The Devil Inside (Part 1): A man stalks Allison, convinced he's doing the work of God. Later, the Dubois family becomes confined to their home and Joe worries about his new company.
The Devil Inside (Part 2): Allison continues to be tormented by her obsessed stalker, even after he dies. Joe enlists Marie's help in playing the stock market for his boss.
How To Make A Killing In Big Business (Parts 1 & 2): A fellow female psychic offers Allison a dream job, but with strings attached. Meanwhile, Ariel takes prescription drugs to stop visions of a dead classmate.
How To Make A Killing In Big Business (Part 3): As Ariel continues to have disturbing visions at school, Allison tries to persuade her new boss to turn in his son, convinced that he's a serial killer.
The Man In The Mirror: Just before Marie's school play, Allison falls into a coma. But then her spirit jumps into the body of a middle-aged man, who insists on living with Joe.
The First Bite Is The Deepest: After she dreams of a young kidnap victim, Allison visits her former employer Cynthia Keener in prison. Joe's new boss offers him a job in San Diego.
The Talented Ms. Boddicker: A lonely bank teller claims she predicted a robbery, but Allison has her doubts. As Scanlon prepares for fatherhood, Joe starts his new job in San Diego.
Bring Me The Head Of Oswaldo Castillo: When Allison suffers a health crisis, she's afraid that a much-needed operation will take away her gift, and prevent her from saving her family from an assassin.
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