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A Royal Affair Blu-Ray

Based on the true story of Caroline Mathilda, the English princess who married King Christian VII of Denmark in the early 1770s, A Royal Affair is a bold, sumptuous tale of illicit love and political passion on a sweeping, epic scale. Keen to be a dutiful wife and queen, Caroline's hopes are soon dashed when she discovers the King's true madness. Turning away from the King she finds herself in the arms of the King's physician, a radical..

£12.60 Ex Tax: £10.50

Age Of Heroes Blu-Ray

Inspired by the true story of 'James Bond' author Sir Ian Fleming's formation of one of most important elite units in the history of the British Armed Forces, Age Of Heroes is a spectacular World War II action-thriller. Like its sister special ops unit, the SAS, 30 Commando was a new breed of taskforce created to carry out some of the most dangerous missions in the war. Starring Sean Bean (Lord Of The Rings, Black Death) and Danny Dyer ..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Age Of The Dragons Blu-Ray

Starring Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones, Age Of The Dragons reignites the classic tale of Moby Dick in this explosive action epic. In a medieval realm, Captain Ahab (Glover) and his legendary crew roam the land, hunting dragons for the vitriol that powers their world. Determined to seek and destroy the one, great White Dragon for slaughtering his family and leaving him badly burned, Ahab's obsession leads him and his men deep into the he..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

American Evil Blu-Ray

A troubling history haunts America and the stirring echoes of a long forgotten and deeply unsettling truth are about to be re-awakened in this chilling take on a true story, starring Bradley Cooper (Limitless). When a young woman experiences terrifying visions connected to her Native American ancestry, it sparks a series of shocking and unexplained disasters that set her town alight. Looking to the past for answers, she and a local repo..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £7.75

American Virgin - Uncut Blu-Ray

On a college scholarship from an abstinence group, freshman Priscilla White (Jenna Dewan, Step Up) is as pure as her name sounds. But after being tricked into drinking alcohol by campus legend Natalie "The Naz," (Brianne Davis, Prom Night) she ruins her squeaky-clean reputation in a big way... in front of the "Chicks Go Crazy" cameras! Now, she must recover the incriminating tape from producer Crazy Ed Curtzman (Rob Schneider, Deuce Big..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58
Assembly Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Assembly Blu-Ray

Based on a true story, Assembly follows one man's journey in search of truth and honour during a Civil War featuring some of the bloodiest battles in Chinese history. Winter 1948: Captain Gu Zidi leads an infantry unit consisting of just 46 men on a mission to defend the south bank of the Wen River. Their orders are to fight until the retreat assembly call is charged. That call never comes. After many long hours of defence and with ammu..

£22.30 Ex Tax: £18.58

Attack On Leningrad Blu-Ray

A soaring, action-packed journey of heroism and sacrifice as one crusading journalist desperately fights to uncover the horrors buried within the infamous Nazi siege of Leningrad in the savage winter of 1941. In the height of World War II, journalist Kate Davis becomes trapped within the devastated city of Leningrad. Separated from her lover, American writer Philip Parker, Kate is rescued by Nina Tsvetkova, a member of the Leningrad mil..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Barbarossa - Siege Lord Blu-Ray

A deadly siege. A bloodthirsty emperor. A legend in the making. An epic tale of heraldic heroism starring Rutger Hauer, Barbarossa combines momentous battle sequences with the rousing story of one man's fight for freedom to create one of the most powerful medieval war films ever made. In the dark depths of 12th century Europe, the Holy Roman Emperor, Barbarossa is extending his reach through Europe. As his armies advance they wreak havo..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Battle Of Wits Blu-Ray

Prepare For An Epic On A Scale Beyond Your Imagination. Featuring spectacular, death defying action from the genius behind Jet Li’s ‘Hero’ comes the multi award winning, international box office sensation 'Battle Of Wits'. Set during the harrowing, hell-ravaged era of the infamous warlords, the small city state of Liang lies defenceless against the terrifying hordes of the Zhao nation. Their salvation lies in one man, Ge Li ('Infernal A..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £4.58

Beyond The Edge Blu-Ray

Based on extraordinary real life events, this stunning film documents the first conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Charting the treacherous conditions endured during the 1953 expedition, Beyond the Edge combines dramatic re-enactments and archive footage to portray the event that would stun the world and define a nation. Special Features Capturing The Mountain: Filmimg Beyond The Edge..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Black Rock Blu-Ray

Starring Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns, 21), Lake Bell and Katie Aselton, Black Rock is the utterly terrifying horror written by Mark Duplass (Zero Dark Thirty). Three childhood friends head to a remote island for a girls' weekend away, but soon realise they are not alone. One wrong move turns their relaxed getaway into a deadly fight for survival...

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25
BloodRayne 2 - Deliverance Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

BloodRayne 2 - Deliverance Blu-Ray

Half-human, half-vampire Rayne is beautiful and brutal, skilled and savage. She is also a slayer with a mission: to destroy all true vampires and finally put an end to the tyranny of the undead. From Old Transylvania to the town of Deliverance in Old West USA, Rayne now faces her most bloodthirsty nemesis: Billy The Kid.The infamous gun-slinging legend has risen from the dead and is now hell-bent on creating a kingdom of vampires to pre..

£18.50 Ex Tax: £15.42

Brand - A Second Coming Blu-Ray

Follow comedian/author/activist Russell Brand as he dives headlong into drugs, sex and fame in an attempt to find happiness. Struck by the epiphany that we have all been nurtured on bad ideas and empty celebrity idols, Brand leaves Los Angeles to embark on a stand-up comedy tour about his own true icons - Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and Jesus Christ. In doing so he transforms from Hollywood star into an unexpected political disruptor..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58

Cash Blu-Ray

Jean Reno (Leon and Ronin) and Jean Dujardin (The Artist) join forces in a breakneck thriller from Eric Besnard (Babylon AD). When the brother of daring con artist Cash (Dujardin) is murdered, he teams up with a master thief (Reno) to pull off the ultimate act of vengeance. The hardboiled pair set about recruiting a team of specialised criminals to bring the villain down. But obsession and revenge make bitter partners, and when Cash rea..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Clash Of Empires Blu-Ray

The might of the two greatest superpowers of the ancient world collide in an almighty clash the likes of which have never been seen before in this stunning tale of magic, myth and legend. Combining epic action with dazzling visual effects, Clash Of Empires is an action-packed thrill ride from sweeping start to blockbuster finish. In 120AD, the Roman Empire is at the height of its power under the reign of Emperor Hadrian, while in the Fa..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Cross Of Honour Blu-Ray

With an all star cast, including Rupert Grint and David Kross (The Reader), Cross Of Honour, is a heroic true story of friendship, war and the fight for survival. 27th April 1940; as the war rages in Europe, a hostile chance encounter in the skies above the harsh Norwegian wilderness leaves two aircraft - one British, one German - shot down in a remote and isolated region. By strange coincidence the crews seek shelter in the same cabin...

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Days Of Glory Blu-Ray

1943. Although they have never set foot on French soil, four young Algerian soldiers feel it is their duty to enlist along with 130,000 other indigenous troops. Their noble aim is to fight for the liberation of their 'fatherland' from the Nazi enemy ravaging Europe and the world. The epic journey these forgotten heroes embark upon shows us the injustices they faced in the time of war, the fearless courage they displayed in the face of b..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Essex Boys - Law Of Survival Blu-Ray

20 years ago the most famous gangland murders in British history started a war amongst the criminal clans of Essex. With the reverberations of that infamous crime still being felt some two decades later, warring firms vie for control of the lucrative drug trade. When his best friend is murdered at the hands of a rival firm, Danny decides to turn his back on a life of crime rather than seek retribution. But when his world is once again t..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Essex Boys - Retribution Blu-Ray

When four of the country’s most notorious killers were shot dead in a desolate field, late one night, a criminal empire was toppled and the legend of the infamous Range Rover murders was born. Twenty years later, new faces are at the forefront of gangland Britain, but with the notorious killer never caught, there are those who haven’t forgotten and won’t rest until justice is served. The epic revenge spree that would shake the local cri..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Faces In The Crowd Blu-Ray

Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich stars in her most terrifying role yet as Anna Marchant, a young teacher who, after surviving a violent attack, discovers that she’s become the fevered obsession of a faceless evil. This malevolent tormentor now wants to collect Anna, body and soul. Co-starring Julian McMahon and rock legend Marianne Faithfull, Faces In The Crowd takes nerve-shredding horror to the next level as Anna races against time to u..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Fifty Dead Men Walking Blu-Ray

With his city a conflict-strewn gangland, charismatic chancer Martin is arrested and recruited by the Special Branch. Sensing his whip smart, street-wise attitude as an asset, his handlers coerce him into performing the most terrifying assignment imaginable: to infiltrate a splinter group as a double agent. Earning a formidable reputation as a dependable foot soldier, Martin reluctantly rises in the ranks, all the while risking his life..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Frances Ha Blu-Ray

Greta Gerwig gives a glowing performance as Frances, a twenty-something woman living in New York, who dreams of being a dancer and, despite the obstacles that stand in her way, lives her life with unaccountable joy and lightness. Frances Ha is the critically acclamed New York comedy from director Noah Baumbach about friendship, love, being young and dreaming big...

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Goal III - Taking On The World Blu-Ray

Mexican football star Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) is pitted against his Real Madrid team-mates and England players Charlie Braithwaite (Leo Gregory) and Liam Adams (JJ Feild) in a mutual quest to lift football’s ultimate prize: the FIFA World Cup. Santi is motivated to try and win the trophy for his late father and family back in Los Angeles and Madrid. Charlie and Liam just want to try and end the Three Lions’ 40 years of pain. For al..

£10.80 Ex Tax: £9.00

Grave Encounters 2 Blu-Ray

Following one of the biggest horror smash hits of 2011, comes its terrifying sequel... far darker and more horrifying than ever before... After the mysterious disappearance of TV-crew in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, researcher Alex begins to investigate their final footage. But when an anonymous tip leads Alex back to the legendary scene, he will soon discover far more than he ever bargained for. Roaming the hallways, looking for ..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25
Grave Encounters Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Grave Encounters Blu-Ray

A ghost-hunting reality TV show crew arrive at an abandoned psychiatric hospital where unexplained phenomena has been reported for years. Locking themselves inside the building for the night they begin a paranormal investigation, capturing everything on camera. But they quickly realize that the building is more than just haunted - it is alive - and it has no intention of ever letting them leave... Finding themselves lost in a labyrinth ..

£10.10 Ex Tax: £8.42

He Who Dares - Downing Street Siege Blu-Ray

With the heart of the British government under siege to terrorists, all hope rests on a lone SAS soldier to fight back and save the nation. While political protests stretch the city's defences to breaking point, a group of terrorists, led by notorious crminial, Alexander Holt, storm through security at 10 Downing Street to take the Prime Minister hostage, leaving chaos in their wake. Cut off from the outside world, SAS Captain Chris Low..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Howl Blu-Ray

Ticket collector Joe is overseeing the last train out of London on a dark and stormy night when suddenly the train screeches to a halt in a forest after hitting something on the tracks. When the investigating driver fails to return, Joe is left to protect the passengers. Realising an unknown and dangerous threat is lurking in the woods the disparate group of strangers must work together in order to survive a common feral enemy. Hairy ho..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £7.75

In The Name Of The King - A Dungeon Siege Tale Blu-Ray

Action superstar Jason Statham and iconic director Uwe Boll, join forces for the breathtaking action adventure "In The Name Of The King". A simple farmer is forced to take up arms after evil tyrant Gallian unleashes a bloodthirsty army that ravages his village and ensnares his family. As the marauding forces begin to overrun the country in an effort to crush top the noble King Konreid, the once peace-loving Farmer is forced to rise and ..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

Jackpot Blu-Ray

Oscar wakes up, terrified and bloodied; a shotgun in his hands, in what was once a respectable strip joint. He is surrounded by eight bodies, and a police detective has a gun aimed at his chest. Reluctantly, Oscar starts relating the incredible story of four men who won top prize in a soccer pool and suddenly found themselves millionaires. But it turned out to be difficult to divide the money by four.....

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Lebanon - The Soldiers Journey Blu-Ray

June, 1982, Lebanon: A lone tank and a platoon of Israeli soldiers are dispatched to search a hostile town that has already been bombarded by the Israeli Air Force. It should be a quick and easy job, but their simple mission soon spirals out of control into a nightmarish deathtrap. The ensuing insanity is witnessed through the eyes of the four young Israeli tank crew, all aged just 20, as they try to survive a seemingly impossible situa..

£12.60 Ex Tax: £10.50

Legend Of The Fist - The Return Of Chen Zhen Blu-Ray

In 1972, it was Bruce Lee. In 1994, it was Jet Li. In 2011, international superstar Donnie Yen (Hero, Kill Zone) takes up the heroic mantle of martial arts legend Chen Zhen. Directed by Andrew Lau (the Infernal Affairs trilogy) and featuring some of the most breathtaking martial arts fighting ever caught on camera, Legend Of The Fist is an unmissable slice of epic action. After the war, Japanese forces start imposing their expansionist ..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Lovely Molly Blu-Ray

From the director of The Blair Witch Project comes Lovely Molly, a hauntingly terrifying account of one woman's struggle to over come a dark presence that haunts her. When newlywed Molly returns to her long abandoned family home, she is plagued by a series of disturbing events that leave her shaken and defenceless. Reminders of a nightmarish childhood lead her to the shocking conclusion that, somewhere in the house, lies a supernatural ..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £7.75

Management Blu-Ray

From Jennifer Aniston and the producer of Sliding Doors comes a romantic comedy that shows love just who's boss! When straight talking business woman Sue Claussen checks in for a single night at the roadside motel owned by Mike's family in Arizona, what starts with a bottle of dreadful champagne "compliments of the management" evolves into a bumpy ride toward true love. Eventually. You see, Mikes an aimless dreamer and bets his whole li..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Maniac Blu-Ray

Maniac is back, and is more twisted and disturbing than ever in the award-winning remake of the terrifying '80s cult classic. Loner, Frank (Elijah Wood), spends his days restoring mannequins, but by night, he leads a dark and disturbing existence. Since his mother's death, Frank has struggled to suppress deadly urges that drive him to commit hideous crimes under the cover of darkness. When Anna (Nora Arnezeder), a beautiful French stude..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58

North Face Blu-Ray

Journey to the death-defying heart of danger and suspense and relive 48 white knuckle hours that would go down in history. This is the incredible story behind the first ever attempted scaling of the North Face of the infamous Eiger Mountain. Summer 1936. Bearing the expectations of a nation and their Fuhrer, two climbers set out to be the first to conquer the "last great problem of the Alps." But soon their ascent becomes a race for sur..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

North v South - Long Time Coming Blu-Ray

The rival criminal underworlds from the North and South of the UK have a long history of hostility but an unspoken, grudging understanding keeps them from all out gang-warfare. It's a fine line that must never be crossed, and if it is, all hell will break loose. But now the death of an innocent has instigated a war that will tear the nation apart. Special Features Making North V South: Character Insights, The Story, Location, Photogra..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Resistance Blu-Ray

Resistance is the critically-acclaimed World War II story based on the acclaimed novel by Owen Sheers. It's 1944 and the D-Day landings have failed. As occupying Nazi forces extend their reach across Britain, the men from an isolated Welsh Valley join the rising army of resistance. Left behind in the valley, their wives witness the arrival of a German patrol unit, its mission a mystery. But when a severe winter forces the two groups int..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25

Saints & Soldiers / Days Of Glory Blu-Ray

SAINTS & SOLDIERS: A mesmerising, hallucinatory journey through the hellish landscape of war ravaged Europe, based on real life events 'Saints and Soldiers' tells the story of ordinary men and the mission that made them heroes. December 1944. The German army rampages through the frozen wastes of Belgium's Ardennes Forest. Among the many Allied prisoners taken en route, a small band of American soldiers manages to escape. Without weapons..

£17.10 Ex Tax: £14.25

Saints & Soldiers Blu-Ray

December 1944. The German army rampages through the frozen wastes of Belgium's Ardennes Forest. Among the many Allied prisoners taken en route, a small band of American soldiers manages to escape. Without weapons and without food, ravaged by the cold, the men are determined to make it back to their own frontline... but as their perilous journey takes its toll, loyalties become divided and lives hang in the balance. A mesmerising, halluc..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Saints And Soldiers 2 - Airborne Creed Blu-Ray

On August 15, 1944 the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team (PRCT) jumped over the south of France. Their mission was to support and protect the Allied Troops marching to Berlin. Landing in enemy territory, they fell under immediate attack. In their effort to complete the mission and rendezvous with their unit, three isolated paratroopers come across a group of French resistants in desperate need. They decide to help liberate some of ..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Shifty Blu-Ray

Shifty is an action packed 24 hours in the life of a young crack cocaine dealer on the outskirts of London. The sudden return home of his best friend sets in motion a chain of events that see Shifty's life quickly spiral out of control. Stalked by a customer desperate to score at all costs and with his family about to turn their back on him for good, Shifty must out-run and out-smart a rival drug dealer intent on setting him up. As his ..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Sleep Tight Blu-Ray

From the director of Rec, Sleep Tight is the terrifying new psychological horror likened by critics as a Hitchcockian masterpiece, starring Luis Tosar (Cell 2011). Like most, Clara felt there was no place safer than home. She would go about her daily routine blissfully unaware of the uninvited guest watching her every move. When small things start to change around her flat, she begins to question her sanity, but nothing can prepare her ..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Spandau Ballet - Soul Boys Of The Western World - Limited Edition Blu-Ray

A voyage through the heart of the 80s with one of the decade's most iconic bands - Spandau Ballet. An enthralling look at the culture, fashion, and music that shaped an era, soul boys tells the story of a group of working-class London lads who created a global music empire, but at a price none of them imagined. Including the band's own home movies and showcasing newly discovered material, this archive-only film is ultimately a story of ..

£23.40 Ex Tax: £19.50

Spandau Ballet - Soul Boys Of The Western World Blu-Ray

A voyage through the heart of the 80s with one of the decade's most iconic bands - Spandau Ballet. An enthralling look at the culture, fashion, and music that shaped an era, soul boys tells the story of a group of working-class London lads who created a global music empire, but at a price none of them imagined. Including the band's own home movies and showcasing newly discovered material, this archive-only film is ultimately a story of ..

£12.60 Ex Tax: £10.50

St Georges Day Blu-Ray

Having long since graduated from the terraces, infamous gangster cousins Micky Mannock and Ray Collishaw now run the top firm in London. But when they lose a drug shipment belonging to the Russian Mafia, a turf war threatens to tear their empire apart. While the police are diverted by an almighty ruck by the mother of all firms, Micky and Ray have one last shot at a heist that could save everything they've ever fought for. With stunning..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £7.75

Stake Land Blu-Ray

International award winner Stake Land is a horror experience like no other. Prepare for an adrenalin-fuelled journey through the ravaged states and locked down towns of a fallen America – a ruined nation where humans have become prey for feral monsters and rightwing militias rule the land. Starring Nick Damici as a grizzled vampire hunter and Connor Paolo as his charge, Jim Mickle’s unforgettable road movie drives a bloody stake into th..

£4.10 Ex Tax: £3.42

Summer In February Blu-Ray

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Dominic Cooper (My Week with Marilyn) and Emily Browning (Sleeping Beauty) star in this deeply moving story of love, friendship and betrayal. Based on the novel and true story of a bohemian colony of artists who flourished in the wild coastal region of Cornwall. Summer in February follows three friends, caught in a tumultuous love triangle as the country rests on the brink of war. Special Features Cast Inte..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

The Banquet Blu-Ray

A spectacular, dazzling and bloody re-imagining of Shakespeare's legendary Hamlet, The Banquet is an epic tale of revenge, violence and betrayal. Locked in a loveless marriage Empress Wan (Ziyi Zhang) is desperate to keep her forbidden love for Prince Wu Luan (Daniel Wu), from a family divided by cruelty and oppression. When the Emperor suddenly dies, his conniving younger brother Li takes up the throne forcing Wan to marry him. Convinc..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

The Downfall of Berlin - Anonyma Blu-Ray

April 26th, 1945. The Russian Army has encircled Berlin and now draws the noose tight, marching towards the Reichstag and destroying the German's last lines of defence, tank by tank, man by man as the city falls into Soviet hands. It is also on this day that a woman begins a most extraordinary fight for survival against the city's new occupiers that reveals the shocking realities faced by civilians during the explosive last days of war...

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

The Emperor And The White Snake Blu-Ray

The Seeds Of Destruction Have Been Sown...Starring martial arts legend Jet Li in his first leading role since The Warlords and featuring breath-taking fight scenes created by the visionary action director of Hero and House of Flying Daggers, Emperor And The White Snake is an epic tale of bravery, honour and the fight for freedom in a world fraught with danger. When a reckless young man falls for a mysterious beauty his life is thrown in..

£5.30 Ex Tax: £4.42

The Fall Of The Essex Boys Blu-Ray

The rise and fall of the infamous Essex Boys gang - the drugs, the violence, the murders - the shocking real story is finally told here for the very first time. From football hooligans to career criminals, Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe were in one of the most feared firms of all time. Running a prolific drug operation in Essex, they were untouchable from rivals and police alike. They're on the verge of being set up for life ..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £7.75

The Falling Blu-Ray

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) leads an all-star cast in The Falling, a bewitching supernatural story of friendship, sexual obsession, forbidden knowledge and dark secrets. When a tragedy rocks her school, Lydia finds herself at the centre of a mysterious fainting outbreak. As her power and influence over the school grow she's driven to uncover the truth behind the strange ocurrences. But as Lydia begins to ask questions, she forces ..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

The Founding Of A Republic Blu-Ray

Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen star in this action-packed, monumental epic for the first time in film history. Also featuring Zhang Ziyi and Andy Lau, this is a star-studded adventure of a legendary battle for freedom against all the odds. Inspired by true events, the Founding of a Republic weaves a rousing tale of a fight against tyranny, where one man would lead his people into battle in the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Wit..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

The Grandmaster Blu-Ray

Hailed as one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, The Grandmaster is the epic action feature about the life and times of legendary Kung Fu master, Ip Man. As hundreds of exiled Kung Fu masters converge on British-ruled Hong Kong, the streets become battlegrounds in the fight to become toe Grandmaster. Ip (Tony Leung - Hero) and his life-long rival, Gong Er (Ziyi Zhang - House of Flying Daggers) lead the golden age of martial..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £6.25

The Guvnors Blu-Ray

The former members of a legendary football firm reunite to take on the lawless hoodies that now rule their old stomping ground. After turning his back on a life of violence, Mitch (Doug Allen) leads a peaceful existence with his family in suburban London. But beneath his aura of respectability, are the echoes of a darker past. Echoes that erupt when a new generation of ruthless criminals, led by Adam (Harley Sylvester), begin to wreak h..

£4.70 Ex Tax: £3.92

The House Of The Devil Blu-Ray

Master of horror Ti West, invites you to experience the most blood-curdling night of terror and suspense you have ever witnessed. Sam is a pretty college sophomore and so desperate to earn some cash for a deposit on an apartment that she accepts a babysitting job with the sinister Ulmans. But after discovering no baby exists in the household, Sam discover the Ulmans have lured her to their diabolical mansion deep in the woods. Left alon..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

The Innkeepers Blu-Ray

After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors for good. The last remaining employees Claire and Luke are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England's most haunted hotels. As the Inn's final days draw near, odd guests check in as the pair of minimum wage "ghost hunters" begin to experience strange and alarming events that may ultimately cause them to be mere footnotes ..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £7.75

The Last Seven Blu-Ray

Dead Man Running's Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer explosively reunite for this taut action-thriller in which a cataclysmic event has left London deserted and under the thrall of a sinister presence. When William (Simon Phillips) awakes from unconsciousness, he finds himself confused and alone in an empty London street. As he explores the area, he discovers that not only are all the people missing but so are his memories. A chance encounter..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

The Liability Blu-Ray

In this business there are rules; hard, fast, unshakeable rules that mean the difference between life and death... As the best hitman in the business (Tim Roth) is only too aware of the perils of breaking this code but when the local crime boss (Peter Mullan) instructs him to take on an unlikely apprentice (Jack O'Connell) the rulebook is thrown out the window. The result is an explosive fight for survival which will see them employ eve..

£7.90 Ex Tax: £6.58

The Warlords Blu-Ray

One of the most stunningly realized spectacles of all time is unleashed, pushing dazzling action and extraordinary scenes of combat to breathtaking limits rarely seen in modern cinema. This incredible story of the last great Warlords is the epic reborn! Under the corrupt rule of the Qing dynasty, the lawlessness of the decade long civil war has ravaged a nation. From the chaos, three heroes will rise to unite armies and crush all who wo..

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25