Mr Palfrey Of Westminster DVD

Mr Palfrey Of Westminster DVD
All ten episodes from both series of the 1980s Cold War spy drama.
Nondescript middle-aged civil servant Mr Palfrey (Alec McCowen) is actually a senior investigator for the Special Intelligence Service, charged with keeping Eastern Bloc spies in check.
Taking his orders from a female superior known only as 'Co-ordinator' (Caroline Blakiston), Palfrey is assisted in the nastier aspects of his assignments by his ruthless younger colleague, Blair (Clive Wood).
Episodes comprise: 'Once Your Card Is Marked', 'The Honeypot and the Bees', 'The Defector', 'A Present from Leipzig', 'Freedom from Longing', 'Return to Sender', 'Music of a Dead Prophet', 'Official Secret', 'Spygame' and 'The Baited Trap'.

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