Naruto Shippuden Season 7 - Episodes 297-348 DVD

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Naruto Shippuden Season 7 - Episodes 297-348 DVD
Naruto Shippuden Season 7 - Episodes 297-348 DVD Naruto Shippuden Season 7 - Episodes 297-348 DVD
Episodes 297-348 of the 'Naruto' anime spin-off series.
A trio of young ninjas, Naruto (voice of Junko Takeuchi), Sasuke (Noriaki Sugiyama) and Sakura (Chie Nakamura), are schooled together in the village hidden in the leaves.
Each desires to become a ninja for different reasons and will face his or her own personal battles along the way.
The episodes are: 'A Father's Hope, a Mother's Love', 'Contact!
Naruto Vs Itachi', 'The Acknowledged One', 'The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage', 'Paradox', 'Terror: The Steam Imp', 'Ghosts from the Past', 'The Underworld Transfer Jutsu', 'The Vengeful', 'The Heart's Eye', 'Fade Into the Moonlight', 'Crescent Moonlight', 'The A-Rank Mission: Food Fight', 'The Fallen Castle', 'Prologue of Road to Ninja', 'The Old Master and the Dragon's Eye', 'Rain Followed By Snow, With Some Lightning', 'The Sad Sun Shower', 'Lingering Snow', 'The Reanimated Allied Forces', 'Shino Vs Torune!', 'A Hole in the Heart: The Other Jinchuriki', 'The Soul Living Inside the Puppet', 'Run, Omoi!', 'Reinforcements Arrive', 'Madara Uchiha', 'The Five Kage Assemble', 'The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble', 'Jinchuriki Vs Jinchuriki!!', 'Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys', 'Nine Tails', 'Kurama', 'Two-Man Team', 'The Promise of Victory', 'Eyes That See in the Dark', 'A Will of Stone', 'The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu', 'Sibling Tag Team', 'To Each Their Own Leaf', 'Kabuto Yakushi', 'The Izanami Activated', 'Izanagi and Izanami', 'I Will Love You Always', 'Reanimation Jutsu: Release!', 'Orochimaru's Return', 'The Secret of the Transportation Technique', 'Who Are You?', 'Obito and Madara', 'I'm in Hell', 'World of Dreams', 'Creeping Shadow' and 'The New Akatsuki'.

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